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Mini Black Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers Malaysia

It can adopt water and fertilizer integrated facilities to achieve the effect of water saving and fertilizer saving(greenhouse supplies pots). In the application process, the principle of small amount multiple, nutrient balance, suitable concentration and reasonable irrigation can be used to effectively exert the advantages of liquid water soluble fertilizer(propagation tray). Xiaobian lists the common problems in the production process of liquid water soluble fertilizer, which also reflects from the side why the price of water soluble fertilizer is high.(mini black plastic flower pots manufacturers malaysia)

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Crystallization is easily caused by changes in external conditions(wholesale greenhouse pots). Crystals have the distinction between rapid growth and slow growth, so a new liquid formulation should be observed for six months to a year. The suspended fertilizer is layered after being placed for a period of time. The main reason is that the sedimentation velocity is uneven due to uneven particle size. Make the particle diameter as small as possible and use a suitable suspension fertilizer(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). It also killed most of the pathogens, eggs and weeds in the soil. 

The solution is to increase the compressive strength of the bottle(seed starter trays), adjust the pH of the fertilizer (alkaline is beneficial to reduce the inflation), reduce the amount of urea used, use a gas permeable cap, and use a breathable PE material. Water-soluble fertilizers are prone to various problems in the production process(cheapest 2 gallon pots). The water-soluble fertilizers that have been scientifically tested and tested in practice have significant fertilizer effects and obvious yield-increasing effects.

(mini black plastic flower pots manufacturers malaysia)Usually in a liquid phase environment, nutrient elements are supersaturated(flat plastic tray). Liquid water soluble fertilizer is the most popular focus of new fertilizers. It is the most serious problem in the packaging of liquid water soluble fertilizers. If not managed in time, the arrangement is tight, the leaves are light, and the leaves are yellow(gallon plant pot). Diseases, leaf spot, ring disease and anthrax, as well as underground pests such as cockroaches, golden worms, tigers and cockroaches.

The leaves of the new copper deficiency are chlorotic and have white spots(square nursery pots). Sulfur deficiency has brown ring spots on the edges of the leaves, and the leaves are jagged. The new iron leaf of iron deficiency turns yellow from green to dull, but it is still green at the edge of the veins and veins, and the leaves become smaller and thinner(plug trays). When it is severe, it turns pale, the edge of the leaf turns grayish brown, and the heart leaves become yellow and become smaller and cannot be extracted normally.

The viscosity of the suspended fertilizer increased and the fluidity decreased significantly. Users are not easy to pour out(plastic grow pots). In fact, the wrinkles of the leaves and the yellowing of the new leaves can stimulate the growth of the roots of the strawberries. The advantages are many, and the fertilization is convenient(cell trays). The solution is that the strawberries in the greenhouse are mostly continuous cropping, and the soil spreads many pests and diseases, such as powdery mildew and gray mold.(mini black plastic flower pots manufacturers malaysia)

The base fertilizer includes livestock manure, cake fertilizer, etc., and is ploughed into the soil, and the film of the previous year is covered(black plastic plant pots). Generally, the temperature of 80 ° C can be reached within 7 days, and the process of decomposing the organic fertilizer is completed for 1 month(gallon nursery pots). The application of organic fertilizer can effectively disinfect the soil, reduce the amount of pesticides used, improve the planting environment, improve the quality of strawberries, and improve the safety of food.

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