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Mini Plastic Terracotta Pots Manufacturers Saudi Arabia

Glycyrrhizic acid accumulation in cultivated licorice is relatively fast in the first three years of development(plastic grow pots), and the content of glycyrrhizic acid in the fourth year is about 2.5%, which is basically stable, and will not change much in the future. Therefore, harvesting in the fourth year after sowing is more appropriate(bulk 4 gallon pots). Harvesting can be decided in the spring and autumn seasons according to the local climate conditions and labor resources.

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The methods of manual and mechanical harvesting can be adopted for the direct seeding site and the nursery transplanting site(plastic plant trays wholesale). The licorice processing site should be set up nearby, good ventilation, and a working shed in the surrounding area without pollution sources(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Cut the grass that grows 20 to 40 cm according to the grade requirements and tie it into a small hand. In order to make the plant full, it can be topped many times.

(mini plastic terracotta pots manufacturers saudi arabia)Then dig out the next row of soil and put it on the previous row, so that not only can increase production, but also does not mess up the soil layer(gallon pot). For mechanical harvesting, the plough is cut 30 to 40 cm deep to cut off the lateral roots, and then the roots can be pulled out with a rake(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). After excavation, the licorice roots and rhizomes are straightened, bundled into small bundles, and transported to the processing plant while fresh.

Then cut the fresh mixed grass that was dug out to cut the reed head, side roots, hair roots and the decayed or severely damaged parts with a knife. Small stacks to dry(plug trays). After 5 days, the big pile will continue to dry. According to the national export and domestic sales standards, the bundling is graded, and the big piles are arranged according to the grade(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The ground is framed by logs, the mat is covered with licorice bales, and the mat is dried naturally.(mini plastic terracotta pots manufacturers saudi arabia)

The amount of chemical fertilizer is: nitrogen fertilizer used as base fertilizer generally accounts for about half of the annual application, which is equivalent to the application of urea 0.25 kg ~ 1.0 kg or ammonium bicarbonate 0.7 kg ~ 5.0 kg(gallon nursery pots); phosphate fertilizer is generally mainly used as base fertilizer, accounting for about 80%, equivalent to the application of 1.0 kg to 5.0 kg of superphosphate containing 16% of phosphorus pentoxide(black plastic plant pots).

(mini plastic terracotta pots manufacturers saudi arabia)Open a trench of 20 cm to 40 cm, and pay attention not to be too close to the tree(gallon plant pot). First, mix chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer or soil before applying it into the trench to avoid burning roots. The application of a certain amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers is mainly to promote fruit growth, choose a high-dry terrain, increase the carbohydrate content of hawthorn, increase yield and improve quality(nursery plant pots).

Shrimp clothing should be topped and pruned at any time to promote multi-branches, supplemented with drugs such as paclobutrazol or chlormequat(cell trays), to avoid lengthiness, control the height of internodes, and to promote compact and full plant type, blooming densely after autumn(cell seed trays). After the flower fades, water it less and make it safe to overwinter in order to encourage it to germinate new branches and then bloom.(mini plastic terracotta pots manufacturers saudi arabia)

It is better to harvest the stems and leaves in autumn(square grow pots). The application rate is determined according to the size of fruit trees and the yield of hawthorn. And the general application of basic fertilizer is best to organic fertilizer, with a certain amount of chemical fertilizer. The pots are changed every spring, and the soil is sandy loam rich in humus(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Pruning is stopped at the same time as the pots are changed, and generally 1/3 is cut off.

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