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Miniature Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Price

I have never shown my face, and I have applied some of the purchased flower fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can be used as a rotten root, and the leaves are dry and dry. It takes a long time to slow down or cut off the new one. I would like to ask the masters to protect the ball. Experience and how to apply fertilizer. I have never applied fertilization, and I have grown well and are flourishing(seed plug trays wholesale). The fertilizers that I have at home are: compound fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, phlegm fertilizer, hoof horn (horse palm), organic fertilizer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

(miniature plastic flower pots wholesale price)Under normal circumstances, I only change the potting soil in March and April each year(wholesale nursery pots). Usually, some fermented rice water is poured occasionally. If you want to apply fertilizer, I recommend using horns. The method is: insert 3-4 pieces of horns along each side of the pot. The depth of insertion is half of the horns and half of it is exposed outside the soil. The nutrients of the horns will be integrated into the soil at any time(32 cell seed starting trays). After the dissolution is completed, the above is completely inserted and continues to be used.

And there is no smell, not easy to insects(plastic nursery pots). Fertilization, the main concern is three questions: why the demand for fertilizer is related to the species characteristics of plants. The genus of the genus Corydalis belongs to the succulent plant. The original ecology belongs to epiphytes, and it can survive by absorbing natural water and nutrients, so the demand for fertilizer is not large(105 cell seed starting trays). After artificial breeding, in order to ensure that the ball can grow well, thin fertilizer and diligent application, excessive rich fertilizer water is not good for the growth of the ball orchid.

(miniature plastic flower pots wholesale price)It is advisable to use organic fertilizer for the base fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer for the top dressing(plastic nursery pots wholesale). For the ball orchids that do not like the thick water, the topdressing can also use organic fertilizer. When the vegetative organs of the plant grow, the nitrogen fertilizer is mainly used, and the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are applied when the reproductive organs grow(50 cell seed starting trays). Slow-release fertilizer, such as ao green, can be used for meat, which can be used for both base fertilizer and top dressing. It is the first choice of many people, because its long-lasting effect, no smell, worry and worry.

General knowledge of common sense, we all know that fertilization is divided into base fertilizer and top dressing(black plastic nursery pots). Domesticated seedlings (referring to self-cultivation time of more than half a year): When changing the pot, you can add appropriate amount of base fertilizer at the bottom of the pot, mainly based on decomposed sesame sauce, decomposed poultry manure, horseshoe slices and other organic fertilizers; More, placed at the bottom of the flower pot, so that the roots of the plants are not directly in contact with the base fertilizer(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). When the plants are changed every year or every other year, it is necessary to add the base fertilizer. The method is the same as above.

(miniature plastic flower pots wholesale price)When to apply? Just bought the seedlings, especially when the plants used for the seedlings are different(plug trays wholesale), do not add the base fertilizer. When it is necessary to insert the branches of the roots into the pots, it is not advisable to add the base fertilizer. When planting the branches of the roots, a small amount of base fertilizer can be added. The cutting soil cannot contain the base fertilizer. Topdressing is generally done with inorganic fertilizer(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). Need to be done during plant growth. Usually 15 to 20 days or 20 to 30 days to pursue once.

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