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Miniature Succulent Pots In Bulk Online

At the same time, it is a shallow root crop. In the fruiting period(plastic plant trays wholesale), the management of fertilizer and water is particularly important, which directly affects the harvest of cucumber in the late stage. During the growth process of cucumber, depending on the growth situation, it is necessary to supplement the nutrients in different periods(gallon pot). Not only can it be avoided at a critical time, or it can reduce the appearance of malformed cucumbers, but also timely supplement nutrients for cucumbers, increasing yield and quality.(miniature succulent pots in bulk online)

Such cucumbers belong to shallow root crops and the root system is underdeveloped(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). During the whole growth and development period of cucumber, its fertilizer and water demand are very large, and the absorption rate of cucumber itself is relatively low. Therefore, in the whole process of planting cucumbers, it is necessary to achieve the principle of “small + multiple times” of fertilization(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), that is, the number of fertilization times is large, but the amount of fertilizer applied per time is small.

(miniature succulent pots in bulk online)At the same time, it is necessary to keep the soil moist, moderately watering during drought, and the soil moisture is about 60%(large plastic terracotta pots). From the beginning of the seedling period to the running of the vines (the vines), the application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers is mainly based on phosphate fertilizer (available phosphorus), and the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus is 3:2(72 cell seed starter trays). Potassium fertilizer can be applied in a small amount, but the maximum is not more than the phosphate fertilizer. half.

Because the ratio is generally in accordance with the ratio of 2:2:4(nursery plant pots). If the soil fertility is low, adjust the ratio to 3:2:4. In general fertilization, we use pouring or drip irrigation, and use a similar proportion of water-soluble fertilizer to achieve the integrated application of water and fertilizer, which can ensure sufficient supply of fertilizer and water(50 cell seed starter trays). The seedling stage is applied according to the ratio of NPK fertilizer 3:2:1. In addition, autumn cucumber fertilizer management must master these details.

Then enter the fruit-hanging period, adjust the proportion of NPK, and pay attention to the amount of application when fertilizing(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). At this stage, we also need to control the damage of aphids, underground pests (small tigers), and timely combine fertilizer and water for comprehensive prevention and control. In order to avoid the occurrence of fertilizers such as burning seedlings, rotten roots and roots caused by excessive fertilization(seed propagation trays); and to avoid fertilization and watering in high temperature environment.(miniature succulent pots in bulk online)

Because low temperature water will lower the soil temperature, it is easy to cause freezing damage(square grow pots), which is not conducive to root growth. Therefore, when watering, try to choose watering in the high temperature period in the middle and afternoon. At the same time, pay attention to the application of potassium fertilizer and trace elements, and then spray S-excitation with foliar surface to improve the resistance of the plant and promote the yield increase of cucumber(18 cell seed starting trays). Increase income and healthy growth.

(miniature succulent pots in bulk online)Cucumbers in autumn and winter require less water, and watering cannot be poured with too low water(seed starting trays). Grafting is usually carried out by the grafting method, and the day before the grafting is ready to transplant the seedbed soil to avoid injury. For the management of fertilizer and water, cucumber is a hi-fert vegetable to ensure that the base of the cucumber is thick and strong during this period(20 cell seed starting trays); The future high-yield lays the foundation and also causes the cucumber to resist low temperature and freeze resistance.

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