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First, the cut propagation is selected for insertion(propagation tray). The cut should be smooth and the lower leaves should be cut, leaving only the top 2 to 3 for the insert, typically about 3 cm deep. Create a root condition. The bed soil thus prepared has the characteristics of improving bed temperature, water retention(wholesale greenhouse pots), aeration, fertility and acidity, and is suitable for rooting and germination of shoots.

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(non woven fabric bags wholesale supplier)The branches are shorter and the incisions in the lower part of the chips should be 0.5 cm below the knot(cell trays). Select the matrix. Peat soil and humus soil and sand were prepared according to 3:3:4. On the same plant, the sun branches in the upper and upper parts of the year should be selected, the branches and leaves should be thicker, and the branches should be full. 

A suitable rooting temperature is 20 ° C to 24 ° C, and the general soil temperature is 3 ° C to 5 ° C higher than the temperature is conducive to rooting(seed starter trays). The relative humidity of the inserted bed is 80% to 90%, which facilitates rooting and requires about 30% of light. At this point, the climate is better and the temperature and humidity conditions required for rooting of the cuttings can be better met.

The moisture should be suitable, the water at the beginning of the cut is slightly larger and the latter is slightly dry(plug trays). Local open field inserts are suitable from early May to mid June. Strengthen the management of the plugin. After pouring, it should be watered, covered with plastic film, placed in a shaded area(flat plastic tray), or sprinkled on the film to avoid direct sunlight and increase light at night to help it survive.

(non woven fabric bags wholesale supplier)One or two times of air is released daily to replenish the required oxygen and prevent disease(gallon nursery pots). Always spray water, keep the inserted bed moderately moist, but do not spray too much water, otherwise the bed is too wet, which will often affect the healing of the cuttings. A very distinctive feature of the night's scent is that their flowers can give off a faint scent at night and taste better. 

When the new root is inserted into a length of 2 cm to 3 cm, the upper pot can be transplanted at an appropriate time. The above is an introduction to the knowledge of nighttime smell(square nursery pots). The aroma of night scent is very rich, and there is also the effect of mosquito repellent. Many people know how to breed nighttime odors, but most of them know little about the nighttime smell of culture.

Should choose strong, pest-free branches. Today, many families have planted nighttime odors that can be used not only to watch very good mosquitoes(gallon plant pot). Therefore, the grower can apply a small amount of fertilizer in a reasonable amount during the planting process, which can make it grow better and prolong its flowering period. Can you cut and grow night scent? Cut the roots faster(plastic grow pots). 

(non woven fabric bags wholesale supplier)If necessary, the flowers of this plant look small and look very delicate(black plastic plant pots). The beige flowers are very beautiful and look small and fresh. It can make the whole room full of aroma(greenhouse supplies pots). Many people especially like to raise the night incense at home so that they can often appreciate the beautiful flowers of plants.

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