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Bamboo is a kind of foliage plant that many potters like to plant at home(heavy duty plastic plant pots). For families with pregnant women at home, this is a very worthy plant. However, some basin friends always encounter some problems in the process of maintenance and management(128 cell trays bulk). In the last article, the small and medium-sized editor mentioned how to deal with the yellow leaves of the bamboo.

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Why do you want to prune the leaves? In fact, it's not only the bamboo(two gallon pot), many other potted plants need to prune the branches and leaves in time, on the one hand, for the needs of modeling, on the other hand, for the needs of plant growth. If you want to make your own potted bamboo grow taller and fuller, we need to cut off some branches and leaves properly. Its leaves are strange and colorful(162 cell trays bulk). Even if they don't bloom, they are very beautiful.(online plastic pots for plants wholesale manufacturer)

Besides its high ornamental value, of course, it also has the function of radiation protection(7 inch plastic plant pots). As a large-scale foliage plant, the shape of the plant itself is larger, which can promote the growth of the plant and make it more robust and beautiful. But in pruning, the first thing to consider is the old branches and leaves under the plant(200 cell trays bulk). However, sometimes we need to prune some branches and leaves to meet the needs of modeling and improve the ornamental quality of plants.

(online plastic pots for plants wholesale manufacturer)For the plants just planted in the basin, they should be timely and scientifically set up a bracket(deep plastic plant pots), and then carefully maintained for a period of time, so that the plants grow along the bracket according to the design idea of the owner. Of course, in this process, the branches and leaves should be properly trimmed to ensure the perfect construction of plant type(112 cell trays bulk). In recent years, Phyllostachys pubescens is one of the most common foliage plants in the family.

Only by cutting them off, can the plant grow taller(10 gallon plastic plant pots). It likes shade and cool places. In fact, it is a flowering plant, but it is not easy to make it bloom. It takes several years or even more than ten years to bloom once. For bamboo, we can use sowing, cutting and other ways to propagate, but most of them are cutting propagation(288 cell trays bulk). As long as you cut in the right way, you will be able to successfully cut it. Here are the key points of cutting technology of bamboo. Now we share them with you, hoping to help you.(online plastic pots for plants wholesale manufacturer)

That is to say, after Qingming, the survival rate of Cuttage Propagation in this period will be relatively higher(plastic plant pots ireland). The stem with 2-3 buds about 10 cm long was cut from the mother plant as the cuttings. The cuttings that were used in cutting before did not retain leaves and air rooting(20 cell trays bulk). As a result, the cutting cultivation time was too long and rooting was very slow. It is suggested to leave 1-2 leaves in the upper part of the cuttings and one aerial root in the lower part of the cuttings.

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