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Plant Plastic Propagation Trays Suppliers USA

The amount of fertilizer applied to each seedling is 3 g(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The height of rootstock seedlings raised in 4 months was more than 80 cm. Strong growth. The diameter coarseness of the seedling stem 10 cm above the ground is 0.8-1 cm, and the leaves of the rootstock seedling are wide and green(bulk 4 gallon pots). The rootstock seedlings meeting this specification can be grafted at ease.

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During the operation, use a small stick to insert a 2-3cm hole in each seedling bag as the fertilization hole(1 gallon plant pots distributor). The operator's hands shall be clean and free of oil. During the operation, remove the leaves below 15cm from the ground. No diseases and insect pests(bulk 2 gallon containers). After weeding, a ring fertilization ditch is opened on the drip line of the longest branch of the small tree. When planting, we need to apply enough basic fertilizer. 

(plant plastic propagation trays suppliers usa)At the smooth place between the rootstock and the ground 10-15cm, use the tip of the knife to cut two parallel sections with a length of 5-6cm from bottom to top(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The width of the section accounts for about one third of the rootstock's surrounding stem, and the depth of the cutting surface reaches the woody part of the rootstock(24 cell trays bulk). It blooms from February every year, with a flowering period of 5 months.

Blossom while bearing fruit. The upper part of the section is crossed into a tongue shape, the cortex is gently picked up from the tip, the cortex is cut from top to bottom, and two thirds of the cortex is cut, leaving a one-third long segment of cortex for bud clip. About 25 days after grafting, the bud piece and rootstock stem have been healed(4 cell trays bulk). At this time, the survival condition of seedlings can be checked.(plant plastic propagation trays suppliers usa)

If the bud piece is green, it means that it has survived. It is necessary to remove the film bandage in time(plastic plant trays wholesale). After opening the hole, first mix the two kinds of fertilizer according to the proportion, apply 15-20kg organic fertilizer and 500g superphosphate to each plant(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Within half a year, young trees need to be fertilized once a month according to the fertilization method and amount. 

(plant plastic propagation trays suppliers usa)There is no barrier around the seedling shed, just use the sunshade as the ceiling(square grow pots). Use a seedling lifter to insert the seedlings into the row, dig out the bags together, cut off the roots with scissors, and transport them to the seedling shed. We need to prepare more manure and other farm organic fertilizer, and also prepare superphosphate and other phosphate fertilizer(6 cell trays bulk). Then put the fertilizer into the hole.

After mixing, first apply a layer of base fertilizer, then return to a layer of core soil, and then mix the soil and fertilizer evenly(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). Then apply the second layer of fertilizer, and then mix the soil back. When returning soil, build a settlement 10 cm above the ground. Before fertilization, a ring-shaped fertilization ditch shall be opened 1.5m away from the stem of the tree(8 cell trays bulk). Each small tree shall have 50g of piscin and 100g of Hefei.(plant plastic propagation trays suppliers usa)

We also pay attention to the prevention of diseases and insect pests(2 gallon plant pots distributor). The trench is 10 cm deep and 15 cm wide. We want to choose urea and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ratio of 15:15:15 compound fertilizer. 150 grams of Hefei and 100 grams of urine are enough for each tree(12 cell trays bulk). During the 1-2 years of young trees, fertilization should be carried out once a month according to this method and the amount of fertilizer used.

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