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As the food fertilizer of crops, mango plays an important role(nursery plant pots). The majority of growers should apply fertilizer according to the situation. The flower bud differentiation of mango is about between November and December, and 15-20 kg of burnt soil and 0(200 cell trays wholesale).5-1 kg of compound fertilizer (such as nitric acid a) should be applied to each tree from October to November to promote flower bud differentiation.

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Litchi is a famous fruit in Jiangnan. It has clear fragrance, bright purple color, thin and flat shell(seed starter trays). In order to promote the development of flower bud and increase the rate of flowering and bearing, it is suggested that the period from January to March should be the period of flower bud development and flowering(1020 trays). According to the situation of the plant and the fruit, the nitrogen and potassium fertilizer can be applied once to balance the nutrient needs of the branch growth and the fruit development.

(plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)It is loved by people and known as the "king of tropical fruits"(square nursery pots). How to grow large, sweet and high-yield mango is what growers are eager to pursue. April to May is the period of rapid growth of fruit, and it is also the period of slightly rapid growth in spring. In combination with deep turning and hole expansion, two fertilizer ditches with length of 120 cm(112 cell seed trays), width of 45 cm and depth of 60 cm are symmetrically dug under the leaf curtain of each tree. 

At this time, lack of nutrients can cause a large number of fruit falling. Promote flower bud differentiation(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At this time, green manure is vigorous. They are filled with green manure, mixed with 15-20 kg of manure or compost, and 0.5-1 kg of superphosphate(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When the tree is weak, 0.5kg of quick acting nitrogen fertilizer (or a load of fecal water) is added, which will play an important role in the tree recovery and flower bud differentiation after fruit picking.(plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)

It can enhance the nutrition of pre flowering tree, increase the number of female flowers and inhibit the germination of winter shoots(black plastic plant pots). In the later stage, to avoid excessive length of stem and leaf and affect tuber expansion and quality. In the middle and later stage, the application of potassium fertilizer was mainly combined with the application of alloy baby microbial fertilizer(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). The first topdressing was carried out when the seedlings were in full bloom, which promoted the early development and increased the area of photosynthesis.

(plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)Topdressing should be carried out in the afternoon rather than in the noon(plastic grow pots), preferably in the ditch, and the fertilizer should not be stained with the leaves. When topdressing, the fertilizer should be immediately watered to accelerate the dissolution of the fertilizer, and the leaves should be cleaned as well(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After fruit harvesting, the stable manure has a wide source, convenient materials and complete nutrients. It is an ideal organic fertilizer and seed covering material for potatoes.

The flesh is thick and lustrous(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The literary masters of all dynasties have written many famous sentences to praise it. Potassium absorption is the main feature of fertilizer requirement. From fruit picking to heading, flower bud differentiation usually starts from the second or third shoot drawing, which requires more nitrogen(20 cell plant trays). As the saying goes, "cherry is delicious and tree is hard to plant". In fact, it's not that tree is hard to plant, it should be said that fruit is hard to pick.

In this period, nitrogen was still the main factor(decorative flower pots), which reduced the number of flowers falling and the first period of physiological fruit falling. At this time, heavy fertilizer should be applied, so that the plant can get the supplement of nutrients in time after fruit picking, and draw a little bit in time, so as to lay the foundation for the next year's results(plug trays wholesale). This fertilization is mainly organic fertilizer, combined with quick acting fertilizer.(plastic 1/2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)

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