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Plastic 1 Gallon Nursery Plant Pot Wholesale

The invention discloses an LED light source cultivation method for improving the content of levodopa of broad bean sprouts(seed starting trays), and the technical field of cultivation of broad bean sprouts. Screening of broad bean varieties with high levodopa content by high performance liquid chromatography, and cultivating them in an LED blue red light source cultivation room. The broad bean sprouts grown by controlling the light intensity(20 cell plug trays supplier), illumination time and incubation time of blue red light The levodopa content of the dish can reach more than 10%.

(plastic 1 gallon nursery plant pot wholesale)The LED light source cultivation method for improving the levodopa content of the broad bean sprouts of the invention provides a high-quality plant resource which can be industrially produced for extracting levodopa(gallon pot), and has remarkable economic benefits. Compared with manual harvesting, the utility model reduces labor intensity, saves manufacturing cost, improves work efficiency, and can harvest various sprouts grown on the seedling tray(40 cell plug trays supplier), and has wide application range and convenient use and maintenance.

The utility model comprises a box body(gallon nursery pots), a motor I, a conveying mechanism, a supporting plate, a cutting mechanism and a collecting mechanism, wherein the supporting plate is located in the box body, the supporting plate is horizontally fixed on the side wall of the box body, and the motor I is fixed on the supporting plate, the cutting The mechanism is located below the support plate, and the output shaft of the motor I is drivingly connected to the cutting mechanism through the support plate(104 cell plug trays supplier). The conveying mechanism is located below the cutting mechanism, and a collecting mechanism is arranged below the conveying mechanism.

(plastic 1 gallon nursery plant pot wholesale)The method for preparing sprouts by using clear water sand is characterized in that the method comprises the following steps: a. preparing two foam boxes of the same specification as the upper box and the lower box(plug trays), and the bottom of the lower box is made of aluminum holes, b, clear water sand Preparation and beans preparation: Take ordinary sand or sand, wash with water, take a certain amount of one or more kinds of beans(18 cell plug trays supplier), and separate the lower box into parts or more, soy beans soaked in water 12-14 hour.

Production: involves laying a layer of 1cm washed water sand in the prepared lower box(black plastic plant pots), then laying the beans on the floor (do not overlap), after seeing the clear water sand, cover 3cm of clear water; if in the sun The production should be covered with the upper box. On the fourth day, the sprouts can be taken out and rinsed with water for two times. The white and tender sprouts will be successful(seed planting trays wholesale). Water spray tool: Coke bottle can be used, and the bottle cap can be used for several small The hole will do. The invention is easy to learn and low in cost.(plastic 1 gallon nursery plant pot wholesale)

The utility model belongs to the field of agricultural facilities(gallon plant pot), a three-dimensional planting device for regular water supply type sprouting vegetables, and an active installation tray on each layer of the multi-layer frame; a storage tank is arranged at the bottom of the multi-layer frame, and the storage tank is provided with control In the circuit-controlled submersible pump, a timer is set in the control circuit, and the water outlet of the submersible pump is connected to the topmost tray through a pipe(72 cell seed trays wholesale), and the drain pipe of the bottommost tray of the multi-layer frame is connected to the water storage tank through a pipe.

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