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It is better to use fully fermented cake fertilizer water at a concentration of 10% to 15%(black nursery pots). It is also possible to apply NPK fertilizer solution, especially pay attention to watering, be sure to “see wet and dry”. The root system of the spider plant is developed and the water storage capacity is strong, so controlling the water is very important(plastic nursery plant pots). As for fertilization, it is good once a month.

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The hanging orchid is commonly called sedum(plug trays for sale), native to non-state, and now cultivated and cultured all over the world, and Europeans call it spider grass or plane. grass. The most important feature of spider plant is that mature plants will grow new stems from time to time, and new stems will grow small plants, which are warm and humid(plant growing pots), semi-yin growth environment, and suitable for long-term indoor cultivation.

(plastic 1 gallon planting pots wholesale supplier)The environment in which the spider orchids are humid should maintain a high air humidity and keep the soil moist during the growth period(72 cell propagation tray). The color of the hanging orchid is mainly white, several clusters, and it looks clear and human, and has a high ornamental value(10 gallon pot). The ability of the spider plant to purify the air is more powerful, and many flower friends will have a pot.

Therefore, at this time, it should stop fertilizing, watering more, or washing the roots once in the rice bowl(plant starter trays). The original spider plant is sown, and the stolons, old leaves and excess roots at the roots are cut and re-cultivated. Watering is the key. Let's take a look at how to water the water to make the hanging orchid grow better(1 gallon plant pots)! Usually there is no certain time, and I can see the watering again. 

However, due to the large amount of water stored in the fleshy roots(3 gallon nursery pots), it has a strong ability to resist drought, and will not die if it is not watered for several days. Watering should be sufficient in summer, and water should be sprayed on the branches every evening to keep the air moist(15 gallon nursery pots). Move into the room in early October, put it in the sun, spray the leaves with water close to room temperature every 5-7 days at noon.(plastic 1 gallon planting pots wholesale supplier)

But the potting soil should be dry. As long as the surface of the soil is very dry, use a toothpick to insert it into the soil(2 gallon nursery pots). If the soil inside is dry, you can water it. However, the watering will change with the seasons and places: the summer temperature is high, the sun is strong, the water evaporates quickly, and the number of watering is increased appropriately(germination tray). As long as it is dry, it should be watered at least twice a day.

Try not to water it as much as possible(cheap nursery pots). Especially when it is a few degrees below zero, even if the soil surface is very dry, watering should be cautious. It is best to keep it in the balcony during the winter. The indoor ventilation is relatively weak, the sunlight is not sufficient, and the water evaporation is less, so the basin soil is always tidal(plastic pots for plants wholesale). At this time, watering should be less. If you see the tide, do not water.

(plastic 1 gallon planting pots wholesale supplier)As long as you don't water for a day, it's easy to get rid(cheap plastic flower pots). In winter, when the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the spider plant basically stops growing. In addition, to ensure the humidity of the air around the plant, sprinkle water around. It is better to change the pot and do not trim it(5 gallon plastic pots). Although the hanging orchid is good to raise, the maintenance should also pay attention to it.

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