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Plastic 10 Gallon Plant Pot In Bulk

A bucket of homemade seedling soil(gallon pot). The area is 110 cm2, reaching 6-7 true leaves and small flower buds, and the calendar seedling age is 80-85 days. 128-well seedling seedlings, plant height 8-10cm, stem thick 2.5-3.0mm, 4-5 true leaves, leaf area 40-50m, calendar seedling age 70-75 days(10.5cm plastic grow pots). A seedling tray measuring 35 cm wide, 50 cm long and 7 cm deep.

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(plastic 10 gallon plant pot in bulk)A wire mesh for seedlings with a mesh spacing of 3.5 cm(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The seedling soil consists of a garden soil and a compost and a watering can. First, put the soil in the seedling tray. Place the barbed wire on the seedling tray and place a seed in each hole. Breeding with 72-well seedlings, the plant height is 16-18 cm, the stem diameter is 4.0-4.5 mm.

This keeps each seed at the same distance(100mm plastic grow pots). The spacing between each seed ensures that they get the sunlight, water and nutrients needed for healthy growth. It is more suitable to seed the seedlings in 50-hole trays, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of some common diseases and is conducive to the cultivation of strong seedlings. 

The seedling tray is covered with a thin layer of soil and then watered with a kettle with a spray head(seed starting trays). Record the seed variety, source and date of sowing. The environment is very important for seed germination, so you need to put the seedling tray in a greenhouse or other place where the temperature is moderate. The matrix material is formulated in a ratio of peat: vermiculite = 2:1 or 3:1.

This breeding method allows us to make more rational use of land. To transplant seedlings into the nursery, you need to move the seedlings from the greenhouse to the outdoors a few days in advance(10cm plastic grow pots). So that the seedlings can adapt to the natural environment and climate in advance. The substrate and the fertilizer are mixed and stirred uniformly, and then sieved.(plastic 10 gallon plant pot in bulk)

(plastic 10 gallon plant pot in bulk)Breeding with seedling trays has many advantages(square grow pots). You can breed in the nursery tray while the plants in the nursery are ripe. You can also improve the overall vibrancy of the yard by picking those strong and healthy plants(11cm plastic grow pots). After a few weeks, the plants will be transplanted into a few square meters of nursery, during which you only need to water a seedling tray.

In this way, you can drastically reduce water usage(large plastic terracotta pots). Eggplant seedlings are more resistant to fertilizer, prefer a weakly acidic matrix with a fertile and loose, good gas permeability and a pH of 6.2 to 6.8. The prepared substrate is added with 3.2-15 kg of 15-15-15 NPK ternary compound fertilizer per cubic meter, or 3 kg of dried chicken manure per cubic meter of matrix(90mm plastic grow pots). 

The seedling trays are usually 50-hole or 72-hole(plastic plant trays wholesale). Eggplant seedlings are seeded with dry seeds. Seeding methods are organic and artificial. Before seeding, the germination rate of the seeds should be tested, and the excellent seeds with a germination rate greater than 90% should be selected(110mm plastic grow pots). In order to increase the germination speed of the seed, the seed can be activated.

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