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Plastic 10 Inch Nursery Pots Wholesale Suppliers Holland

Before transplanting, we should pour enough water before transplanting, and then we should carry out transplanting with soil lump(fabric bags wholesale). Why do we say maintenance first? Try to cover the fine sand or vermiculite with thickness of 0.5-0.8cm as much as possible. Pepper is the vegetable we contact every day(plastic nursery pots). The resistance is not very strong, and the weeding effect is relatively good. 

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Because of the market demand(black fabric bag), because the seeds haven't grown stably at this time, the later management is also very important, especially in the key period of its results, when the light Keep up with the temperature and lighting. At present, it is the weeding period of summer maize (wheat stubble maize). In the field this afternoon, we found that many farmers spray herbicides(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The maize is in the 3-5 leaf period, which is the best period for corn weeding.

(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale suppliers holland)At this time, most of the weeds in the field are seedlings, and then in the 2-4 leaf period(4 inch pots bulk). However, in the weeding process of summer maize, we should pay attention to a few points Now let's talk about it in detail. When spraying herbicides in summer, it is decided to stop in the afternoon(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Summer corn (especially wheat stubble corn), due to the existence of wheat stubble in the field, makes it difficult for weeds to contact the liquid medicine.

When the herbicide is sprayed, the weeds are under the stubble(large potting pots), and the liquid medicine is blocked by the stubble, the weeds absorb a good part, and are unlucky to the dead grass. In the process of spraying herbicides, we should try our best to make sure that Weeds are exposed to more herbicides. First of all, the medicine cannot be applied at noon(black plastic nursery pots). It is clear to all that just after spraying, it has been evaporated a lot, affecting the efficacy.(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale suppliers holland)

Secondly, at noon, due to the high temperature, most of the pores on the weed surface are closed(9 inch plant pot). When the medicine is sprayed, the absorption is limited, which is bad for the dead grass. Some friends will choose to stop in the morning, which is also feasible. Compared with the afternoon, it is better to suggest taking medicine in the afternoon(plug trays wholesale). The peanut next to the corn field is planted in spring, which shows the corn herbicide damage.

(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale suppliers holland)The reason is that the corn herbicide is sprayed in the windy weather in real time(smart grow bags). When spraying herbicides (especially Nicosulfuron methyl), it is necessary to ensure that within 7 days before and after the application, organophosphorus insecticides can no longer be sprayed(square nursery pots). If there is insect damage in the field during this period, pyrethroid insecticides can be selected to avoid the use of organophosphorus insecticides.

Do not choose to spray herbicides in windy weather(nursery grow bags), which is easy to cause damage. In the observation process today, when the weather is continuously high, the phenomenon of dry tip of leaves will occur. There are so many precautions for weeding summer corn. I hope it can bring some help to the farmers who have not yet applied herbicides(seed starter trays). If you have other better weeding experience, please leave a message in the comments below to discuss and learn together.(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale suppliers holland)

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