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Plastic 10x20 Plant Growing Trays Wholesale Supplier

High-bush blueberry seedlings: 1/2 of the ground is trimmed in the year of planting(plug trays wholesale); in the second and third years, the pruning is generally not stopped. In the 4th year after planting, the height of the blueberry seedlings can reach 1.2-1.5m(plant start trays wholesale). At this time, the blueberry seedlings enter the fruiting stage. This is the first result of the blueberry seedlings.(plastic 10x20 plant growing trays wholesale supplier)

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Promote the development of blueberry seedlings(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), remove dense fruiting branches, retain 50% of flower buds, and ensure good fruit quality and tree shape. Blue-eyed seedlings of rabbit eyes: The pruning method of the first 3a is basically the same as that of the high-branched blueberry seedlings, adhere to the soil moisture and inhibit the development of weeds. 

Because the blue-eyed seedlings of rabbit eyes develop vigorously, in order to ensure the formation of strong result branches(32 cell seed starter trays), short-cut pruning is stopped for the development of better strong branches, remove the dense basal branches, but the weak branches and flower buds of the diseased branches are cut to promote the development of blueberry seedlings, and then the seedlings should be placed in the hole.

Different varieties of blueberry seedlings are also pruned in different ways: stopping the proper pruning of blueberry seedlings can promote the development of blueberry seedlings and increase the yield of blueberry seedlings(plastic nursery pots). The amount of blueberry seedlings should be controlled to avoid too many results. Pruning should be done before the blueberry seedlings enter the dormant period. 

In the real-time, the weak branches of the diseased branches are cut off, the vigorous branches are shortened, and the height of the trees is controlled. After harvesting the fruit in summer(72 cell propagation trays), some fertilizers can be made up, and the topdressing is stopped once in May and June. If the blueberry seedlings are poorly treated in winter, they are susceptible to frostbite and affect the survival rate of seedlings.

(plastic 10x20 plant growing trays wholesale supplier)After the end of the land preparation, the ridge cultivation was stopped on the garden(wholesale nursery pots). The ridge height was controlled at 25-30 cm, the ridge width was controlled at 1.2-1.5 m, and the blueberry seedlings were planted on the ridge back. The planting of blueberry seedlings is divided into spring planting and autumn planting(200 cell seed starting trays). 

When the autumn transplant is stopped, in order to increase the survival rate of the seedlings(plastic nursery pots wholesale), it is generally decided to stop transplanting the seedlings of 2 to 3 years old and having a height of 30 cm or more. Before stopping the transplanting of the blueberry seedlings, the planting hole with a width of 0.5-0.8 m and a depth of 0.2-0.3 m should be dug on the back of the ridge(72 cell plug trays supplier), and the roots should be fully expanded.

(plastic 10x20 plant growing trays wholesale supplier)The row spacing of different varieties of blueberry seedlings was different(seedling trays wholesale), the row spacing of high-branched blueberry seedlings was controlled at 2.0-2.5 m; the row spacing of blue-eyed seedlings in rabbit eyes was controlled at 2.5-3.0 m, and the row spacing of semi-high-bush blueberry seedlings and short-bush blueberry seedlings was controlled. 2.0m or so(128 cell seed trays wholesale). 

Affect the quality of the fruit and bend the branches(black plastic nursery pots). The amount of topdressing is 40g of potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer per plant, and the ring is applied to the surface 30cm away from the root of the tree. Spring planting time is generally chosen from March to April every year, and the seedling sprouts stop before germination(128 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, spring planting is appropriate.

(plastic 10x20 plant growing trays wholesale supplier)The soil is covered with the ridge surface, and the organic matter such as crushed corn stover and rice husk of 0.10-0.15 m is covered around the planting hole to adjust the ground temperature(200 cell seed starter trays). The cultivated soil is backfilled, and the seedlings are gently extracted once during the backfilling process(seed starting trays supplier), so that the roots of the seedlings are fully combined with the planting soil.

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