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Plastic 10x20 Plant Trays Suppliers In China

Although watermelon is available in all seasons, people love to eat watermelon not only to appreciate her delicious taste(72 cell plug trays supplier), but also because it can cool down and quench thirst, relieve summer heat and annoyance, and make people feel comfortable(50 cell plug trays supplier). When planting watermelons, quickly caught the early stage of disease, watermelon farmers often encounter some diseases and pests.

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About 0.25 liters of irrigation liquid per plant. In particular, the soil treatment is not in place(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the temperature and humidity conditions are not suitable, which will lead to an increase in the incidence. The cousin below introduces several common watermelon pest control methods(nursery planters). Watermelon wilt disease, also known as dead seedling disease, will occur in all parts of the country, and it is easy to form dead seedlings. It is a devastating disease of watermelon.

(plastic 10x20 plant trays suppliers in china)After the onset of disease, the diseased plant develops slowly, and the effective root and stem vascular bundles become brown(sureroot plug trays bulk). The melon seedlings will wither during the day when they are just ill and recover at night. The whole plant will die after 5-6 days. Roots rot into filaments(plastic planters online). Implement a 7-8 year rotation with the rest of the crops in the dry field. After the watermelon Xiaoman had just finished, my cousin could feel the sultry summer.

Before sowing, use 100% solution of 70% methylthiobendazole (methyl tolbutin) wettable powder, soak and disinfect for 60 minutes(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Application of medicinal soil control when sowing or transplanting(15 gallon container), medicinal soil configuration method: "Use 50% carbendazim and 70% methylthiocarbin (methyl tobbutin) wettable powder according to the medicine: soil (fertilizer) ratio of 1: 10 is made into medicinal soil (medicine fertilizer).(plastic 10x20 plant trays suppliers in china)

When sowing or transplanting, about 10 grams of medicinal soil (medicine fertilizer) is sprayed in each hole(blow molded nursery pots), which can prevent the infection of germs in the soil. Seeds are irrigated with 30% methasal · moxacillin (Ruimiaoqing) water 3000 times liquid; or 70% methylthiocarbam (methyl tobbutin) wettable powder 500-1000 times liquid irrigation root control(10 gallon plastic container). If the root is not cured once, it will be irrigated once every few days.

This is a great thing. It occurs most heavily from flowering to fruit setting(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). The melon seedlings that have also died must be removed in real time, burned intensively, and cannot be littered everywhere. After removing the pits of sick melon seedlings, sprinkle some lime or apply root irrigation liquid to stop disinfection(6 inch nursery pots). I found sick melon seedlings in the field, and selected high-yield and disease-resistant varieties according to local conditions. 

(plastic 10x20 plant trays suppliers in china)In the hot summer, eating watermelon can be considered(bulk 10 gallon pots). After the watermelon harvest, these days, the watermelon seedlings will be burned and the sources of disinfection will be eliminated. Or 69% enoyl · manganese zinc 800 times liquid spray, spray once every 5-7 days, and spray 2-3 times(nursery bags suppliers). When faced with humid climate, white fungus pustules appear on the back spots. When boring, the lesions are prone to rupture or perforation.

Bacterial angular spot disease is a common bacterial disease in the middle and late stages of watermelon(bulk 14 gallon pots). After the disease, it is important to damage the leaves, form dead leaves, affect poor fertility and reduce yield. The lesions on the leaves were transparent, water-soaked, circular or near-circular depressions(8 inch plastic nursery pots), and gradually turned into polygonal melasma with leaf vein limitation, and there were yellow halos around the lesions.(plastic 10x20 plant trays suppliers in china)

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