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Plastic 112 Cell Seed Starter Tray In Bulk

Now the first accumulated temperature zone and the second accumulated temperature zone(200 cell plug trays supplier), most rice farmers use seedling-free seedlings to raise seedlings. Some only coat, then dry seed sowing. Some are coated, then added with soaking seeds soaked in seeds, immersed in the amount of seeds soaked, sowing seeds to raise seedlings. Some people also use seed soaking and germination to raise seedlings(wholesale nursery pots). In the third accumulated temperature zone and the fourth accumulated temperature zone, most rice farmers are germinated. At present, a variety of seeding and seedling methods coexist.

(plastic 112 cell seed starter tray in bulk)After the seeds of rice are soaked in accordance with the requirements of soaking seeds(200 cell plant trays bulk), the seeds can be removed and directly germinated without being washed. It is best to put the rice seeds into the gauze bag, so that soaking seeds and germination are convenient and labor-saving. Soaking seeds can be referred to. If the amount of seeds is small, it is best to soak the rice seeds with warm water of 35-40 °C before germination(plastic nursery pots), and make the seed temperature reach 30~32 °C as soon as possible, so that the rice seeds can be germinated quickly and sprouted, and the heat preservation is covered. .

The code is first put 5 inches thick straw on the ground to make a cool layer(50 cell seed trays wholesale), put a new plastic cloth on it, put the preheated seed bag, the height is not more than 0.7 meters, the gap between the seed bags should be left with oxygen, and then Cover with plastic sheeting. Always use a plastic sheet to aerate the air. The germination temperature should not exceed 32 degrees. When the rice seed breaks the chest, it takes 3 to 4 hours to pile up(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is to move the seed bag up and down once to increase the oxygen permeability and prevent the temperature from being too high.

(plastic 112 cell seed starter tray in bulk)Reduce the temperature to 25~28 degrees(32 cell plant trays bulk). When the bud is 1 to 2 mm long, put it in a place of about 5 degrees for 6 hours. If you can't warm up with warm water, you can warm the seeds in the greenhouse. The soaked rice seeds are taken out and placed in a gauze bag. Spread a half-foot thick straw in the shed, spread a new plastic sheet on the straw(plastic nursery pots wholesale), place the soaked seed bag on top, and cover it with a thin layer of plastic moisturizer to warm it up 2 or 3 times a day.

If the temperature is not enough, put the seed bag in the sun the next day(72 cell seed trays wholesale). When the seeds are drying and rewinding, a new plastic bag must be put on the feet or on the shoes to prevent the introduction of bacteria! In the afternoon, the dried rice seeds are piled up in piles, and the seed bags should have a breathable gap and covered with plastic cloth. Plus insulation cloth. Shake the plastic cloth 4 to 5 times a day to increase the oxygen permeability(plug trays wholesale). If the temperature rises to 30 ° C, and more than 30 hours, rice can be budded.(plastic 112 cell seed starter tray in bulk)

When the temperature of rice seeds rises, it will be dumped once every 3 to 4 hours(50 cell plant trays bulk). Prevent excessive temperature and seed hypoxia. Control the temperature at 30~32 °C. It is best not to exceed 32 °C. Use a small germination machine to soak seeds and germination. First, the rice seeds are soaked in the germination machine container according to the dosage, water addition, soaking temperature and time requirements(black plastic nursery pots). After the seeds are soaked, the original soaked liquid is discharged, the water is re-added, and the temperature controller is adjusted to 31- 32 degrees Celsius.

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