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Plastic 128 Cell Planting Trays Wholesale

Seeds that have been air-dried for 3 to 5 hours are soaked with 10% plant inducer for 5 to 6 hours(propagation tray). 72-hole trays can also be used, and 5 to 7 seeds are sown in the pores. The film is kept moisturized and placed on a warm bed with a geothermal line to germination indoors(seed starter trays). The germination temperature is 28~30°C during the day and 18~20°C during the night.(plastic 128 cell planting trays wholesale)

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After about 24 hours, 70% of the seeds were removed when the film was removed, and the temperature was gradually lowered to 22 to 25 ° C during the day and 16 to 18 ° C during the night(gallon plant pot). In the winter, the necessary heating equipment and insulation facilities should be equipped. The seeds were then seeded tightly in a flat plate containing the substrate or fine sand, and 1500 tablets per standard disk. 

One of the criteria for vegetable seedlings is that the stem section is short, the internode length and plant height are well-proportioned(wholesale greenhouse pots), and the plant growth degree and plant height ratio are appropriate, about 1-1.3. The production method is to reduce the temperature of three to four hours before and after sunrise. When the cotyledons are flattened and the color turns green, grafting can begin.

Covered with a layer of washed fine sand after sowing(gallon nursery pots). Therefore, in the current Yanqing nursery field engaged in vegetable seedling seedling production process, the regulation of plant height is very important and necessary. Premature removal of the fixture will affect the growth of the seedlings. Removal is too late, the fixture will affect the growth and development of the rhizome. 

Mechanical methods such as the dialing method, the vibration method, and the increased air flow method can all suppress the growth of plants(greenhouse supplies pots). For example, if the tomato plants are moved several times a day, the plant height can be significantly reduced. It is too early to remove, and it is easy to break the interface due to movement and other reasons during planting, and increasing the light can all inhibit the growth of plants. 

Pay attention to the fertilizer to be evenly mixed. During the day, the seedbed cover is removed and the sunlight is received(square nursery pots). The use of hormones, especially chlormequat, leads to phytotoxicity(plastic grow pots). This kind of practice should pay attention to avoid damage to the leaves, and the crops that are easily injured by the leaves such as peppers are not suitable for this, the stem is thick and tough.

Negative temperature difference between day and night (night temperature is higher than daytime temperature of 3-6 degrees, more than 3 hours) is very effective for controlling plant height(black plastic plant pots). Reducing the temperature, moisture or relative humidity of the environment, replacing the ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and the urea fertilizer with nitrate nitrogen fertilizer(flat plastic tray).

Or reduce the amount of fertilizer used as a whole, summer nursery should be equipped with ventilation and cooling equipment(cell trays), such as fans, wet curtains, shade nets, etc.  In addition to removing the hormones from the opposite action to relieve the effect, and adding water and ammonium nitrogen to promote growth, try spraying the algae with foliar surface(105 cell seed starting trays). The refined method has obvious effects.

After the grafted seedlings survive, the interface fixtures should be removed in time(plug trays). The splicing and top-insertion grafting generally remove the fixture after one week of survival, and the docking can be appropriately postponed, or even removed after planting(50 cell seed starting trays), which should be based on the premise that the seedling growth is not affected(plastic 128 cell planting trays wholesale).

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