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Plastic 128 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale Price

Top dressing must be applied before heading, and one-time application of fertilizer should not be excessive, and should be applied thinly(seed starter trays). The main root layer of the adult tree is distributed in the depth of 40~60cm, and the main absorption root is the new root part of the root tip of the fibrous root. It should be based on the depth and location of the fertilization(50 cell trays bulk). Apply once every other year and stagger between the plants.

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Combine the roots with each plant and put the weed green manure into the bottom of the ditch before applying the base fertilizer(square nursery pots), and mix well with the soil in the fertilization ditch. The result tree should be added with potassium fertilizer such as grass ash fertilizer and potassium sulfate to facilitate flowering results(32 cell trays bulk). The amount of fertilizer applied is 0.6kg-0.8kg of pure nitrogen, and the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 1:0.4:1.(plastic 128 cell seedling trays wholesale price)

In the young age, nitrogen fertilizer (urea) is the main factor, and then the high-quality compound fertilizer is applied appropriately(black plastic plant pots), and each plant is applied about 0.1 kg each time. According to the fruit tree in the initial stage of the shoot and the rapid elongation period (middle), the gully is applied at the canopy drip line, and the soil should be covered after each fertilization(21 cell trays bulk). The soil should be kept moist during fertilization and 7 days after fertilization.

(plastic 128 cell seedling trays wholesale price)It is mainly based on quick-acting chemical fertilizers, and can be used with fertilized agricultural livestock manure water and oil dry water(gallon nursery pots). Excavate the radial or semi-annular or annular fertilization ditch from the canopy drip line. Be careful not to cut off the large root when digging(15 cell trays bulk). According to the calculation of 2000 kg per mu, the mu should be applied with 12 kg of pure nitrogen, 5 kg of phosphorus and 12 kg of potassium.

So as not to cause greed and late maturity(cell trays). Combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer (0.1 kg per plant) to promote spring shoots and flower bud differentiation. At the end of April and early May, 5-7 days after the flowering, a steady fruit foliar fertilizer was applied(flat plastic tray). Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers (1 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per mu were sprayed at 0.2% concentration) were mainly used to increase the fruit setting rate.

After the second physiological fruit drop at the end of June and the beginning of July, the fruit fertilizer was fertilized(gallon plant pot), mainly nitrogen and potassium, and the high-quality compound fertilizer and lettuce were about 1 kg each to improve the fruit quality. In addition(plastic grow pots), we all know that it is generally necessary to apply high-quality farmyard manure 5000-8000 jin, which can be applied by circular ditch and strip ditch.(plastic 128 cell seedling trays wholesale price)

Like us, the summer temperature will even reach 40 degrees Celsius(plug trays). Then the farmyard manure applied in Xiaobian needs to be fully fermented and fermented. The general result tree topdressing, specifically from the end of January to the beginning of February, 10-15 days before the germination(greenhouse supplies pots), the spring germination fertilizer, specifically each plant is based on nitrogen fertilizer (0.2 kg per plant), the tree growth is strong and less, the growth is weak More than one.

(plastic 128 cell seedling trays wholesale price)In this case, the curly pepper leaves can only be removed, so that it does not affect the normal growth of the whole pepper(propagation tray). The method is that some vegetable farmers have sprayed the pesticides on the peppers with some winds and blows, insects fight drugs, long grass fight drugs, sick or fight drugs(wholesale greenhouse pots). As a result, the pesticides are used too much, causing irreparable damage to the peppers. Curly shrinking.

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