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Plastic 15 Gallon Grow Pots Wholesale Suppliers

Mulan, also known as Chinese orchid(spill trays wholesale), has rich fragrance, varied colors, beautiful colors and unique leaves, enjoying the reputation of "King's fragrance" and "gentleman in flowers"(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The requirement of light is higher for Mulan, and insufficient light will cause the plant to be thin, thin and weak in disease resistance, and also significantly affect the development of Mulan.

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More sunlight in autumn is beneficial to flower bud formation and differentiation(nursery seedling tray). The suitable temperature for the development of Mulan is 25-28 ℃, 12-15 ℃ in daytime and 8-12 ℃ at night. It can't bear the low temperature below 3 ℃, so it should be put in the house in the severe winter(sureroot plug trays bulk). If be inside the house, had better face south place, ability is advantageous to its growth, had better put on the table, cannot put on the ground indirectly.(plastic 15 gallon grow pots wholesale suppliers)

Do not use the immature organic fertilizer, because the temperature is lower and the water content of plant cells is lower(plastic plant pots wholesale nz), which will be more conducive to the wintering of Mulan. The amount of watering should be increased gradually in spring. Water once a day until early summer, and then gradually reduce(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Watering time, summer and autumn before and after sunset, before nightfall, it is appropriate to dry the leaves.

(plastic 15 gallon grow pots wholesale suppliers)From March to September, fertilizer with more nitrogen, such as urea, should be selected(large outdoor plastic plant pots). Topdressing should be applied once or twice a month in April to May after flowering and September to October in autumn. The type of top dressing can be mainly used for newly retting cake fertilizer, bone meal, fish meal, etc(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). In June and July, if you can add liquid fertilizer once or twice, you'd better not use chemical fertilizer.

What are the cultivation methods and precautions of Mulan? The following flower and fruit editor introduces the cultivation methods and precautions of Mulan(plastic plant pots). From the late September to December, the development period of flower bud can start to increase the light(40 cell plug tray wholesale). In the two season of winter and spring, water is good before and after sunrise, and spray increases air humidity to facilitate the development of Cymbidium sinensis.

If it is high temperature season, do not apply fertilizer until August and September(nursery supplies pots). Insect damage is mainly caused by piercing sucking mouthparts, Ostracoda and spider. If insect damage is found, it can be killed by spraying 40% Omethoate emulsion 1000 times(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). Because the immature fertilizer will consume the oxygen in the soil when it is fermented, the anoxia in the soil plant will cause the death of blue fungus and blue root.(plastic 15 gallon grow pots wholesale suppliers)

Bamboo and cypress like warm and humid environment, which is more resistant to shade(black plastic flower pots). In daily maintenance, do not over water in order to increase humidity, which leads to water accumulation(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Bamboo and cypress have poor cold resistance, which can resist the low temperature of - 7 ℃ (it is not recommended to maintain under zero environment), and the suitable growth temperature is 18 ℃ - 26 ℃.

(plastic 15 gallon grow pots wholesale suppliers)As it lasts until autumn, there should be enough light(nursery tray manufacturers). You can also use the special fertilizer of Mulan. In October, fertilizer containing more phosphorus and potassium should be applied, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Mulan is watered once every 5-7 days in winter, and the basin soil is dry(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). The soil or plant material of planting orchid can't be hardened, and the lack of oxygen and gas will lead to the death of orchid.

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