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Plastic 15 Gallon Nursery Tree Pots Wholesale

In order to achieve high quality and high yield of mushrooms, it is necessary to apply fertilizer(4 inch nursery pots). The specific methods are as follows: take boiled pigs, bovine urine for 20 minutes, filter and spray 10 times to 20 times with water, spray and spray with water once(plastic flower pots wholesale). Take the dried and dried grass, add 100 times of water to the liquid juice, and spray it after cooling to make the mushroom strong.

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After removing the old roots and dead mushrooms(20 gallon plastic pots), crush the fresh dried pig manure and cow dung, soak them in clear lime water for 15 days, then add the fat mud and a small amount of grass ash, which is one-third of the weight of the manure, and mix them. Take 2.5 kg of grass ash, soak 50 kg of water, take the filtrate to spray, and prevent the mushroom from reddening(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). Take 0.5 kg of glucose, add 50 kg of water, spray it after melting, and make the mushroom meat thick and thick.

250 grams of salt, 50 kg of water, sprayed at the peak of the mushroom, can be sturdy, can make the mushroom body white and strong(plug plant trays). Take 0.5 kg of lime, add 50 kg of water and stir to stand. Then take the clear liquid and spray it, then spray it with water once(plant germination trays). Repeated every 6 days to 7 days, the culture and soil pH can be adjusted to promote the normal growth of mushrooms.

In the mushroom production process, the acidity rises, the mycelium vitality weakens, and the yield quality decreases(2 gallon plastic nursery pots). On the bed, continue to manage as usual. However, the tomatoes are circumcised and snoring at the same time. The smaller the fruit is, the worse the quality will be(shallow germination trays). When the mushroom yield drops sharply, the bed surface is cleaned, and if no glucose is available, white sugar can be used instead. 

40-50 kg of decomposing human and poultry manure(plastic garden pots), and digging 6-8 deep 15-20 cm, 30-40 cm wide, 80-100 cm long radiation ditch under the canopy, stir and mix the fertilizer evenly. Apply it to the ditch and cover the soil. In order to improve the effect of fertilization, all kinds of weeds on the tree tray and around the plants should be removed before fertilization(plastic flower pots manufacturers). After fertilization, the weeds should be covered with various weeds to cool down and moisturize.

In actual planting, when the tomato plants grow to the middle and late stages, they will show a lack of growth(square succulent pots). When the 4th and 5th ear flowers are pollinated, the leaves below the 3rd ear flower are removed. You can pick up at most 2 slices each time, and you can't pick too many leaves at a time(germination flats). The top of the ear can be topped after sitting, remember to leave 1-2 leaves on the ear to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

After snoring, the vines can be circumcised(succulent pots in bulk). Generally, the vines are smashed once every 7 days. As the growth of the plants requires continuous snoring, the snoring is not too diligent, and the side branches are 10 long. When you -15cm, you can kill it. In China, the area of tomatoes grown in greenhouses is still expanding(nursery trays wholesale). Tomatoes use single-dry pruning, and planting tomatoes requires snoring to reduce the incidence of morbidity.

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