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Plastic 15 Gallon Tree Pots Wholesale Supplier

Vegetative reproduction includes rod insertion, ramets, grafting, layering and tissue culture(1 gallon pot). It is usually dominated by cutting propagation, which is divided into bud insertion, tender branching, and leaf bud insertion. In the autumn and winter, cut the external foot buds of the plants. The standard for germination is that it is far from the plant and the head is full. Peel off the lower leaves, plant spacing 3-4 cm(162 cell seed starting trays), row spacing 4-5 cm, inserted in the greenhouse or greenhouse or in the bed of coarse sand, keep 7-8c room temperature, warm and planted outside.(plastic 15 gallon tree pots wholesale supplier)

Twig insertion: After the buds are selected, more than 4-5 months of cutting(plastic terracotta pots). Take 8-10 cm of tenderness as a cutting point, and manage it after insertion. At the temperature of 18-210C, most varieties take root in about 3 weeks, and the seedlings can be transplanted in about 4 weeks. The medium can be used with garden soil with 1/3 of ash. On the high bed, the curtain shed is shaded(200 cell trays). Full-light inserts, if there is an automatic spray device, no shade is required(98 cell seed tray). Leaf bud insertion: A blade with axillary buds is cut from the branches.

Ramets: Generally, before and after the Qingming(seed starting trays), the plants are excavated, separated by roots according to the natural form of the roots, and planted in pots. In order to make the chrysanthemum grow strong, to make "ten brocade" or daisy, it can be grafted with Artemisia annuaak or A. apiacea as rootstock. In the late autumn, the species of Artemisia are harvested, sowed in the greenhouse in winter, or in the hotbed in March(112 cell plug trays). When the seedling height is 3-4 cm in late April, it is moved to the pot or the field, and the splicing is carried out on a sunny day.

(plastic 15 gallon tree pots wholesale supplier)This method is only used when breeding parts of the buds(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Chrysanthemum seeds slowly sprout above 100 degrees Celsius, and the temperature is 250C. Dilute in 2-4 months, under normal circumstances, it can bloom in the same year. Every 10cm, cover it with wet mud, and take out the new branch at the tip of the stalk. The second time in the heat (below July), the new pumping technique is overwhelmed(105 cell plug flats). The method is the same as the first time, the light is insufficient, and the person who is decomposed is pursued. Dung urine once, topping in the heat (late August).

Making a wooden chrysanthemum bonsai: For the first time before and after the heat (early July), the chrysanthemum branches are overwhelmed(square plastic plant pots), the selected gerbera is covered with fertilizer, the seedbed should be flat, and the common shape of the chrysanthemum bonsai is imitation trees. The bonsai cliff type, when cutting, should be strikingly layered. After the selection, the rope should be tightened a little(288 cell plug tray). This style, the daisy branches are longer, more than the bottom of the basin, pay attention to the basin, and the strips are propagated on a rainy day.

(plastic 15 gallon tree pots wholesale supplier)Avoid rain. Stop fertilizing. It is often loosened to increase the oxygen content of the soil(plastic plant trays wholesale), increase the root absorption capacity, and promote plant growth. The basin is too dry and the soil lacks moisture. When Clivia is serious, the old leaves will die and the new leaves will be dry. The right amount of watering should be balanced with watering when the temperature is high and dry(128 cell trays). After Clivia gradually recovers, it can be transferred to normal water and fertilizer management. Usually keep the pot soil moist and loose.

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