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Plastic 15 Inch Plant Pots Wholesale Supplier

There is a saying in the folks, "Spring buds, summer melons, autumn fruits, winter roots." Sprout not only has a short growth cycle(plastic nursery pots wholesale), but also is a pollution-free vegetable. It is also in a period of vigorous growth and has rich nutritional value. In the spring, it is a good time to eat spring buds. I recommend several spring buds for everyone. It is not only delicious, but also healthy! It is called “growth” by the ancients(32 cell trays bulk). After soy, the soybeans are rich in nutrients and contain dietary fiber.(plastic 15 inch plant pots wholesale supplier)

The substances that make people swell in the soybeans are decomposed(plug trays wholesale), and some nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body, which is suitable for eating in early spring. The bean sprouts are sweet and cool, and they enter the spleen and the large intestine. They have the effects of clearing away damp heat, reducing swelling and removing phlegm, and can help the five internal organs turn from winter to spring(50 cell trays bulk). Put the purchased soybeans into the basin and soak them in warm water at 20-25 degrees for more than 10 hours. Warm water should flood the soybeans and remove the bad soybeans floating on the water.

After the soaking, clean the oil-free cloth(wholesale nursery pots), soak it in water, cover it on the soybeans, and spray it on the cloth every morning and evening. Pour the last drenched water before each time it is drenched. When the bean sprouts grow to 4~5 cm, you can unplug the roots of the bean sprouts, wash the bean sprouts, and make the sprouts. In the view of Chinese medicine, mung bean sprouts are a kind of good medicine(72 cell trays bulk). They are cool and sweet, and they have the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, diuresis and dehumidification, and softening blood vessels.

(plastic 15 inch plant pots wholesale supplier)This will not only protect the above effects, but also reduce the damage to vitamin C, vitamin B1 and other nutrients(plastic nursery pots). Wash the mung beans below, put them in a clean, oil-free pot, add water, and the water is not over 2 cm. After the mung bean sprouts, the volume is increased by about 10 times. Be careful not to put too many mung beans at once(98 cell trays bulk). When the green beans have small buds, drain the water, cover with a moistened towel, and put it in a warm room.

Give the bean sprouts fresh moisture and moist space, and in high temperature rooms, the bean sprouts will grow faster(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When the bean sprouts grow to about the root, the bean sprouts are placed in a leaky partition or cage so that the roots of the bean sprouts are not exposed to excess water and are not easily rotted. Compared with pea sprouts, pea sprouts have more photosynthesis(21 cell trays bulk), higher chlorophyll content, and are rich in nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, gibberellin and carotene.(plastic 15 inch plant pots wholesale supplier)

In spring, pea buds can lower blood pressure and are very suitable for patients with hypertension(black plastic nursery pots). Wash the peas and put them in warm water for 6-8 hours. Note that the water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, the seeds will be inactivated. After soaking the peas, place the beans on the tray, place the damp paper towel, tray paper, etc(15 cell trays bulk). under the tray, put the peas, cover the peas with a piece of paper, spray it, place it in a dark place and keep it ventilated.

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