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If the house illumination condition is bad, should choose some shade resistant or jiabanyin flowers(18 cell seed starting trays). If you don't pay attention to the environmental conditions, do not follow the ecological habits of all kinds of flowers, you will get twice the result with half the effort, and it is very difficult to raise flowers(lavender plug trays). Flower beds can be built with bricks, and grass or Ophiopogon japonicus can be planted on the edge. Large garden greening.

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The courtyard of urban residents and the front and back of rural houses are full of sunshine and air circulation, which is conducive to the growth of flowers, and is an ideal place for family greening(20 cell seed starting trays). For example, planting a loquat tree or Magnolia in a corner of the wall can beautify the environment and appreciate flowers or fruits(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Such a small garden can also have flowers on the moon, full of spring, and bring you beautiful scenery.

(plastic 2 gallon container wholesale suppliers usa)The garden area is relatively small, generally between 10 ~ 20 square meters, the direction of sunrise, can be designed and planted according to everyone's preference(40 cell seed starting trays). In other open spaces, small flower beds can also be built, and then spring jasmine, rose, pomegranate, camellia, gardenia and Chimonanthus praecox can be planted, among which dahlia, chrysanthemum and other flowers(deep propagation trays), Canna and a bunch of red flowers can be planted.

Medium sized garden greening(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). In China, giving rhododendrons to lovers means that she is beautiful and beautiful, just like "Xi Shi"; presenting red rose flowers to show her beautiful appearance, just like "Queen of flowers"; presenting lilies, birds of paradise, etc., are symbols of happiness and auspiciousness(128 cell plug flats). In this way, the beautiful stone and the flowers and trees form an interesting contrast, showing the garden style, the garden feeling will be more prominent.

For a garden with an area of about 25 square meters(104 cell seed starting trays), the following arrangements can be made in the design or planting of flowers: several climbing plants such as Parthenocissus tricuspidata or Ivy are planted near the wall or fence to make it stand on the ground and absorb the wall, forming a green barrier, adding a bit of mountain interest, and making the garden view suddenly open(rooting tray). Garden greening can be designed according to the small area.(plastic 2 gallon container wholesale suppliers usa)

Then we can make the four seasons evergreen, the moon has flowers, and sometimes fruit(105 cell seed starter trays), which can not only satisfy the eyes, but also add the blessing of the mouth. Through the above-mentioned layout, if we plant Yingchun, pomegranate, rose, camellia, azalea, gardenia, Chimonanthus(v15 nursery pots), Osmanthus fragrans, as well as kumquat, orange, loquat and other fruit trees in front of the hedge, if we plant a row of coral trees and build a green short hedge in front of the vertical greening. 

(plastic 2 gallon container wholesale suppliers usa)If the garden conditions are better(200 cell seed starter trays), you can also use the front of the house to build a shed and set up a frame to plant vines such as grapes, wisteria, Aucklandia, Lingxiao, honeysuckle, etc. some can set up flower corridors, some can be built into flower screens or flower arches. In the hot summer, thick leaves are full of shelves, and you can rest under them, and you will feel relaxed(nursery tray). After the above design and management, your family courtyard seems to be a small garden with various levels.

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