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Plastic 2 Gallon Nursery Pots Suppliers California

Burdock is a food and vegetable used in medicine and food in our country(planting trays). It is also called hercules and root vegetables. Fresh burdock is rich in crude fiber, protein, calcium, iron, carotene and vitamins. Therefore, burdock is popular among the public. Planting time and method(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Before sowing, it needs to be planted in deep soil and fertile soil with good drainage. 

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Sowing should be soaked to promote germination before sowing(1020 trays). Alluvial soil or nocturnal soil rich in organic matter is the most ideal. Hunchoon sowing is usually conducted from mid-March to mid-April, and autumn sowing is often conducted in early August(15 cell seed trays). About 1,000 kilograms of manure and urine or about 10 kilograms of nitrogen fertilizer and about 15 kilograms of potassium fertilizer are applied per mu.(plastic 2 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)

Dig a pit with a width of 30 to 40 cm and a depth of 90 cm at a pitch of 60 cm(105 cell seed starter trays). Apply 1500 kg of decomposed farm manure per acre as base fertilizer, and the seedlings are once after emergence, and apply a layer of farm manure and a layer of soil evenly into the pit. Soak seeds in warm water at 25 ° C to 30 ° C for about 4 to 6 hours, and place them at 25 ° C to 30 ° C to promote germination(bulk 14 gallon pots). After about 30 hours, the seeds can be sown.

(plastic 2 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)At a plant spacing of 25 to 30 cm, about 4 seeds are planted in each hole, covering 2 cm thick soil and suppressing it slightly, so that the seeds are in close contact with the soil(72 cell seed starter trays). The amount of seed used per acre is about 400 grams, and seedlings emerge about 10 to 20 days after sowing, and then seeded again when 2 to 3 true leaves appear, and the seedlings are fixed when 3 to 4 leaves appear about(7 gallon pot).

The second fertilizer application was carried out in mid-June, and about 10 kg of nitrogen fertilizer and 15 kg of potassium fertilizer were applied per acre(72 cell propagation trays). Burdock is afraid of waterlogging, pay attention to drainage after rain. Burdock has a long time from planting to harvesting. Spring sowing starts in early June and can be harvested in early April of the following year(15 gallon pots). Some areas are sown in April and harvested in October.(plastic 2 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)

The yield per mu is about 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms; autumn sowing is usually sown in late August(32 cell seed starter trays). The harvest period is about early December to early April. You can hold the burdock root by hand The part is tilted and pulled up gently. Gastrodia can establish a symbiotic relationship with Armillaria mellea, and it can provide rich nutrition for D. annulus(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When cultivated, the fungus and firewood are separated from each other.

Fertilize while fertilizing(200 cell seed starter trays). Burdock likes light, warm and humid climate conditions, and is relatively heat and cold resistant. The suitable growth temperature is about 20 ° C to 25 ° C. When harvesting, 10 to 20 cm petioles are often left on the plant. After the seedlings are set, the fertilization is carried out for the first time(20 gallon pots). The iron burr is dug 80 to 90 cm deep on the side of the sirloin fleshy root to expose the burdock root.

(plastic 2 gallon nursery pots suppliers california)In order to promote the growth and development of Armillaria mellea, phosphate fertilizer can be applied at one time when cultivating the fungus sticks(105 cell propagation trays). The upper and lower sticks should be staggered when placed. After placing the first layer, put 5cm mixed soil and then place the second layer of fungus sticks and hemp seeds. Put a layer of leaves on it, and finally cover the soil 7-10cm with the ground.

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