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Plastic 2 Gallon Nursery Tree Pots Wholesale

Carbon dioxide fertilizer believes that many people are not very familiar with gas fertilizer(seedling tray price), but gas fertilizer is very important for the nutrient production of crops, and is also conducive to the growth of crops. In the most common greenhouse greenhouse cultivation, gas fertilizers such as carbon dioxide fertilizer are often used(72 cell propagation trays). If you use ammonium bicarbonate, generally 1 kg of urea is equivalent to 2.5-2.6 kg of ammonium bicarbonate.

Carbon dioxide fertilizer is generally used in vegetable greenhouses planted in winter(plastic nursery pots). Generally, in winter, for heat preservation, vegetables in greenhouses will absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide due to photosynthesis. If the crop lacks sufficient carbon dioxide(200 cell seed starting trays), the organic matter formed by photosynthesis will be greatly reduced. The application of carbon dioxide fertilizer is just the most direct solution, so how to use it?(plastic 2 gallon nursery tree pots wholesale)

When the temperature is low, the concentration can be slightly lowered(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The liquid carbon dioxide fertilizer has a very high purity, a good safety factor and is easy to use. It is generally not recommended for farmers to use, so it will not be introduced. Solid carbon dioxide fertilizer is commonly used in bagged powdered solid carbon dioxide fertilizer(72 cell plug trays supplier), which is generally used in a slow release method.

(plastic 2 gallon nursery tree pots wholesale)Let's take a look at it(decorative flower pots). Generally, if there is continuous rainy weather, the rain will increase after May. Quality, easy to cause crop undernutrition. Also note that when used, first blend the two together, then hang a few holes in the bag and hang it on the scaffold or fruit tree to slowly release carbon dioxide(128 cell plug trays supplier). However, because of its high cost, in terms of usage, it is generally possible to hang about 22 bags per acre. 

In use, most of the time is sealed management, 30 cans of plastic containers containing 1 kg of dilute sulfuric acid per acre(nursery pots wholesale). 100 g of ammonium hydrogencarbonate was added to each container per day, and ammonium bicarbonate was added once to react and produce carbon dioxide for 3 days(grow bag wholesale price). It is most suitable for use in the seedling stage of vegetables, 2-3 weeks after fruit tree flowering, and long-term sealing of carbon dioxide in winter greenhouses.(plastic 2 gallon nursery tree pots wholesale)

It is used in the morning and half hour after the covering(black plastic nursery pots). The above is about the use of carbon dioxide fertilizer in greenhouses and the introduction of matters. In general, the use of carbon dioxide fertilizer is sufficient to ensure a sufficient range of carbon dioxide in the shed, which is conducive to photosynthesis of crops, so that more nutrients will be synthesized(2 gallon tree pots), which is generally beneficial to the absorption of nutrients by crops.

(plastic 2 gallon nursery tree pots wholesale)This method mainly uses carbon dioxide and hydrochloric acid to produce carbon dioxide(32 cell plug trays supplier). For the concentration of carbon dioxide used, the concentration is usually 1000-1500 PPM under normal conditions. When the temperature is high, the concentration can be slightly increased(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Fertilization is usually carried out after rain or when the soil is wet and should be stopped. 

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