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Plastic 2 Gallon Pots For Plants Suppliers China

Blue star flower scientific name: Bule daze, alias star flower, umbrella flower, Convolvulaceae blue star flower genus, native to America, Convolvulaceae(36 cell seed trays). Blue star flower is a perennial semi-vine evergreen shrub. The plant is about 30-60 cm in length(5 gallon growers pots). Full-day or half-day, if the light is not enough, the branches are easy to grow, and the flowering is not good.

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The stems and leaves are densely covered with white wool, the leaves are alternate, oblong, entire(stackable flower pots); the flowers are axillary, the corolla is blue, the center is white, and the blue flowers are in the branches and leaves. You can choose a branch every 3 to 4 sections, remove the leaves of the bottom section(teku plastic nursery pots), and then insert it obliquely in a well-drained medium, and the roots can be produced in about 1 week.

Especially the flowering period is not fixed, it is all year round. Interestingly, the blue star flower blooms only in the morning and thank you in the afternoon(40 cell plug tray). The plant is about 30 to 60 cm long. The stems and leaves are densely covered with white wool, and the leaves are alternate, oblong, entire(succulent plant pots bulk). The flowers are axillary, with petals, corolla blue, white star-shaped center, and blue flowers in the branches and leaves in full bloom.

It is best to prune so that more side branches will grow and the plant type will be firmer(seedling trays wholesale). Water supply is very important. In summer, it is best to confirm whether watering is needed in the morning and evening. If the water is too long, the plant recovery is not easy, and in winter, you can cut the watering frequency less(v16 plastic pots). Or when you feel that the branches are too long, apply fast-acting fertilizers every month.

The dry lotus itself is an extremely fast-growing vine plant(51 cell seed trays). Add a small amount of water to stir into a slime, and the flower pot is also a wide-bottom shallow pot. You can't change the water of your water lily too often, because it prefers resting(ten gallon pot). If we use large water tanks to raise water lilies, the amount of fertilizer applied in actual operation requires the staff to use how many grams per pot to operate, which is difficult to grasp.

In the flowering season, the male and female pollen are not united, so how can they produce sweet fruits(seedling tray 104 holes)? The problem is very simple, topdressing in the initial flowering period of mung bean (the period of maximum effect of fertilizer). It is better to use nitrogen and phosphorus in combination with fertilizers(plastic plant pots). Breeding, the spring and autumn seasons are in season. Hi sunshine and fertile sandy soil, heat and drought resistant.

The application of nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer per acre is 10 to 15 kg(128 cell plug trays); the method of fertilizing mung beans is introduced here. Its vegetative growth stage, from flowering to drum kernels, is a stage of vegetative growth and reproductive growth of mung beans(black succulent pot), which is the vigorous growth period of the plant and also the key period that determines the grain yield and quality.

Therefore, if you want to eat delicious fruits, you have to act as a bee to help male and female pollen complete the task of pollination(2.5inch square nursery pots). Pay attention to the weather at the pollination time, and it is best to stop in the clear morning! During the potted flowering period, if you want them to bear fruit(v19 plastic pots), pay attention to "move a house" for them in the rainy season, and change to a better condition for maintenance!

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