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Plastic 20 Gallon Nursery Plant Pots For Sale

400 mu of manure is applied per mu(plastic plant trays wholesale). Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer Or the proportion of improper combination can reduce the chlorogenic acid content of honeysuckle; the application of phosphate fertilizer can promote the growth of honeysuckle roots, increase the nutrient range, and improve drought resistance(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most important mineral elements for plant growth and development.

Increase the content of chlorogenic acid in honeysuckle(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). During the wintering period, as the nursery of the next year, when the flower branches are withered, about 1 cm away from the ground, the 2,000 kg of decomposed manure is applied per mu. In the cultivation of honeysuckle, not only the application of nitrogen fertilizer, but also the appropriate application of phosphate fertilizer(9cm plastic grow pots), can ensure that the yield and quality of the medicine are not affected.

(plastic 20 gallon nursery plant pots for sale)Many studies have shown that the application of nitrogen fertilizer can effectively increase the yield of honeysuckle(cell trays); however, the application of nitrogen fertilizer has a significant negative effect on the content of chlorogenic acid in honeysuckle.In the early stage of honeysuckle growth, balanced application of nitrogen(90mm plastic grow pots), phosphorus and potassium is required to promote flowering and fruit quality and improve product quality.

Nitrogen fertilizer can promote the long leaves, long seedlings, long roots and flowering of honeysuckle(large plastic terracotta pots). For example, honeysuckle is a perennial medicinal material that needs to be harvested every year.  Fertilization in honeysuckle production is also mainly to meet the needs of these three nutrients. The annual growth period of chrysanthemum can be divided into seedling stage(10cm plastic grow pots), branching bud stage, flowering stage, withering period, and perennial wintering period.

The base fertilizer combined with arable land applies 5000 kg per mu(nursery plant pots), and the application of nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of honeysuckle and make its leaves dark green. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can promote the flower bud differentiation of honeysuckle, and the order is nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Coriander grows well on fertile, loose, water-staining soils.(plastic 20 gallon nursery plant pots for sale)

Fertilization is one of the important ways to increase the yield of honeysuckle after harvesting(gallon pot). The annual fertilization management is to increase the amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the spring, increase the amount of phosphorus fertilizer in summer, and apply soil fertilizer in autumn and winter to cultivate soil and improve soil structure(100mm plastic grow pots). Artificially cultivated honeysuckle is necessary to improve fertilizer production.

When the seedling height is 10 to 15 cm, the fertilizer is chased once(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and the diammonium phosphate or urea is applied at 225 to 300 kg/ha. About 50 days after sowing, when the plants are 20 to 30 cm, they can be harvested. Fertilization applied nitrogen (n) 13.5 kg per acre, phosphorus (p2p5) 4.5 kg, and nitrogen (n): phosphorus (p2o5) was 1:0.33(11cm plastic grow pots). The suitable dosage is 4 kg of nitrogen (n), 4 kg of phosphorus (p2o5) and 1 kg of borax.

(plastic 20 gallon nursery plant pots for sale)The land is fertilized by Qingyang(square grow pots), and the pollution-free coriander should be applied with 45,000 to 60,000 kg/ha of organic fertilizer and 300 to 375 kg/ha of vegetable special fertilizer. Different growth stages require different nutrient conditions. In addition, the root system of chrysanthemum is developed, deep in the soil and has many fine roots(110mm plastic grow pots), and has strong absorption power. It is a kind of flower plant that likes fat.

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