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Plastic 200 Cell Plug Trays Suppliers Philippines

Rotation or intercropping of legume crops such as corn and soybean, mung bean, broad bean, etc(200 cell seed starter trays). adopted in most areas of China, rotation of maize and rice, corn and first crops adopted in central Shaanxi and southern Shanxi The long-term rotation of alfalfa, all of which are valuable experience gained by the working people of our country in reasonable rotation(4.33inch plastic nursery pots), land use for land cultivation, cultivation of fertility, and improvement of yield per unit area.

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The rotation of green manure crops such as corn and Cao Ruo, in addition to pressing the green manure or harvesting it as feed, can also turn the roots, stems and leaves remaining in the soil into the ground(32 cell plug trays supplier). The order is: potassium> calcium> magnesium> nitrogen> phosphorus, and under the conditions of good aeration of the soil, the absorption capacity of various nutrients is enhanced, the order is: potassium> nitrogen> calcium> magnesium> phosphorus(black plastic plant pots wholesale).

(plastic 200 cell plug trays suppliers philippines)Crop rotation can cut off its host, prevent the propagation of pathogenic bacteria, and reduce harm(32 cell seed starter trays). Rotation of corn with wheat, soybean, Gu Yu, cotton and other crops can also reduce the root rot of wheat, the white disease of millet, the blight of cotton and sisal, etc. Similarly, planting corn can also reduce insect pests in later crops(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). Therefore, well-ventilated soil can improve the nitrogen absorption capacity of corn, and exert the effect of nitrogen fertilizer.

Corn is a cultivating crop with strong and luxuriant plants(105 cell plug trays supplier), cultivating in the early stage of growth, and leaf shading on the ground in the middle and late stages, which can prevent the growth of weeds in the field, wheat and miscellaneous grains has been implemented for about 10 years, which can maintain the fertility and reduce the grass damage in the field(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Most of the potassium deficiency in maize occurs in the late growth period.(plastic 200 cell plug trays suppliers philippines)

The respiratory intensity of corn roots is about 10 times higher than that of wheat(72 cell propagation trays). The main performance is that the blade tip and edge of the leaf first turn brown, then dry and burned, and the mechanical organization of the stem is poorly developed, and the resistance to lodging and disease is weakened(bulk pots). After decay and decomposition, green manure crops adopted in southern provinces (regions), it can improve soil fertility and increase Corn production.

(plastic 200 cell plug trays suppliers philippines)Therefore, when the air in the upper soil is insufficient(50 cell plug trays supplier), it will affect the respiratory metabolic activities of corn roots and its absorption capacity of various nutrients, especially the absorption of potassium and nitrogen most influential. In the sorghum fields with different previous crops, the scarabs were the least harmful with corn stubble, accounting for only 1.2%(plastic planters bulk), while soybean, millet, and sorghum stubble reached 9.7%, 6.2%, and 4.1%, respectively.

Without delay in planting the autumnal equinox wheat, the effective accumulated temperature of summer corn sown on June 15 is 1380 ~ 1410 ℃, and the seed temperature sown on June 20 is 1310 ~ 1340 ℃(200 cell seed starting trays); The accumulated temperature sown on June 25 is 1230 ~ 1260 ℃, which can only meet the requirements of early maturity hybrids; The accumulated temperature sown on June 30 is only 1140 ~ 1180 ℃(7 gallon flower pot). Ensure the maturity of early maturing species.

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