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Plastic 21 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Supplier

Such as rose, pomegranate, then should be used to wash the foliage with water similar to room temperature to increase air humidity(wholesale greenhouse pots). The leaves are browned and even the leaves of the whole plant are withered and shed, and the pests can be recovered in time(gallon nursery pots). Flowers are poisoned by toxic gases. Spraying high concentrations of pesticides to control pests and diseases can cause yellowing, scorching, and even death of the leaves or leaves.

For tomatoes, 12 ° C ~ 30 ° C is conducive to the development of expanded fruit(seed starter trays), greater than 32 ° C, disease development will also slow! So we pump 1 to 2 days a week, from 12 noon to 1 pm, Guanfengkou, Increase the temperature in the greenhouse to 32 °C. (Note: summers with high temperatures are not suitable.) The remaining 5-6 days of abnormal treatment can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases(cell trays), but not More!(plastic 21 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)

At present, the regulation of humidity is divided into three kinds of humidity according to the type of crop(flat plastic tray). However, when the humidity of the cucumber greenhouse is 90%, the cucumber plant will also develop disease! But when there is more water, it is easy to present diseases, and it means that there are beans and watermelons in the crops(gallon plant pot). It can be evenly covered on the surface of the blade once at the time of spraying, showing natural brightness.

 It is necessary to remove air pollution sources or plant anti-pollution plants and use pesticides reasonably(square nursery pots). When the humidity is 70%~75%, the abnormal development will occur. When the humidity is greater than 80%, the chance of disease is greatly improved, like tomatoes! Use high temperature to suppress the occurrence of diseases(plug trays)! Generally, the watering should not be too large, and the water should be poured at a maximum of 6 square meters per acre.(plastic 21 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)

Many thermometers in the greenhouse are hung on the pillars on the north side of the greenhouse(plastic grow pots). The temperature and humidity of this space are inaccurate. Unbelieving friends can put their hands on the leaves of the plants. Try it! The correct placement should be 10cm at the plant development point, the plant is long, the thermometer is lifted up, and the average temperature and hygrometer are placed in the greenhouse(7 gallon pots manufacturer). The average of the readings is the most accurate!

Insufficient light to cultivate flowers that are sunny(black plastic plant pots), locusts, red spiders, etc. absorb nutrients and water in the back of the leaves, and the crops are easy to get sick. When the cactus is cultured in winter, the plants will enter a dormant state. At this time, the fertilization should be stopped, otherwise the excess nutrients are not Absorbed by the roots, it has a great impact on the roots(propagation tray). Throughout all the diseases, we found that the disease is above 18 °C, below 28 °C, with more diseases and higher frequency!

(plastic 21 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)When the humidity is greater than 85%, it means that the crop is like cucumber(greenhouse supplies pots). Not only that, the leaf cleaning agent is an accessory in the production of potted plants, and manufacturers are hoping to purchase products that are truly practical and effective, but the quality of the products on the market is uneven and needs to be carefully screened(1 gallon pots distributor). Guo Yanchun, representative of the Netherlands, can be reminded that the high-quality leaf cleaning agent is odorless and colorless after dilution.

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