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Timely pruning is an important part of the winter maintenance management process(plug trays wholesale), which is not only directly related to the growth state of potted sweet-scented osmanthus, but also affects its modeling effect. If you have a small sweet-scented osmanthus tree in your home, especially the long branches(128 cell seed starter trays). Let the plants grow better.(plastic 230 mm grower pots wholesale supplier)

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Let's talk about the winter pruning method of potted sweet-scented osmanthus(wholesale nursery pots). The cultivation of potted sweet-scented osmanthus can not be neglected regularly. Although it has entered the winter, the long branches, thin branches and diseased branches have gradually emerged, which not only affects the growth of the plants to a certain extent, but also affects the ornamental effect(plastic 230 mm grower pots wholesale supplier).

Therefore, we need to carry out the necessary pruning, and the pruning in winter is mainly to trim off long branches(seed plug trays wholesale), thin branches and diseased branches. Otherwise, we can not only achieve the purpose of protecting wounds and promoting wound healing, but also accelerate infection. Seeding and seedling can obtain a large number of sweet-scented osmanthus seedlings, which is suitable for use as a street tree.

(plastic 230 mm grower pots wholesale supplier)It is obvious that the branches and leaves are somewhat messy, and we can cut off the long branches(black plastic nursery pots), the thin branches and the diseased branches. But after the cut, we have to deal with the cut in time to avoid the wound being infected. In fact, you can use the light-cutting method to cut off the long-growth branches, the degree of pruning of potted sweet-scented osmanthus often depends on the size of the plant. 

Generally, the ash is applied to the wound to achieve the purpose of sterilization(plastic 230 mm grower pots wholesale supplier). This is the effect of trimming(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). Does it seem to be sparse? You can use this method to properly trim your own potted sweet-scented osmanthus trees. It will cause greater damage to the plants, which is detrimental to the growth of the plants, which are beneficial to avoid excessive consumption of unnecessary nutrients. 

But everyone noticed that although the plants appeared to be sparse, the winters were trimmed to take light cuts(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Larger plants can be trimmed more appropriately, and even some cross branches can be cut off(32 cell seed starting trays), and dense branches can be cut, which can enhance the ventilation and light transmission effect of the plants(plastic 230 mm grower pots wholesale supplier).

Nowadays, in the winter with low temperature(plastic nursery pots wholesale), for the potted friends who like potted sweet-scented osmanthus, if the pruning is too serious, this is a potted osmanthus to be pruned. At first glance, in addition, the thin branches and leaves that sprout from the roots of the plant should When cut together, the plants are also easy to restore, because the sweet-scented osmanthus tree is a relatively pruned tree species(105 cell seed starting trays). 

Compared with water plugging, the protective agent we choose must be good(plastic nursery pots). We can't covet the cheap and inferior products on the market(plastic 230 mm grower pots wholesale supplier). At the same time, the maintenance environment we provide should also be suitable, especially to avoid rainy days, because the rain stays on the wound(50 cell seed starting trays), which often accelerates wound infection, rot, and infection.

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