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Plastic 288 Cell Tray Wholesale Direct South Korea

It is used for transplanting medium and small flowers(128 cell plant trays bulk). Shovel. It is suitable for transplanting direct seedlings sown or transplanting seedlings survived by transplanting. Transplantation is slow. It can be used for transplanting flower seedlings or adding soil to the pot(4 inch plastic pots bulk). The small rake can be used to loosen the soil in the basin, or to remove the old soil or trim the root of flowers when changing the pot.

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Peach grass knife. It is used for picking weeds in pots or on the ground(162 cell plug trays supplier). Grafting knife. It is used for root grafting, abdominal grafting and split grafting. Flower trellis. It is mainly used for decoration of potted flowers. This is also a good way to spend less money and raise more flowers(98 cell plug trays). One is a long nozzle with a fine eye nozzle. Flower reproduction can be divided into sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction.

(plastic 288 cell tray wholesale direct south korea)The bottom of the flowerpot is padded with a pot holder, which can prevent the inflow of excessive watering and beautify it at the same time(200 cell plant trays bulk). In the process of raising flowers at home, some tools should be provided for raising flowers in order to carry out the T-sequence of turning pots, watering, pine, weeding and pruning(polystyrene plug plant trays). Spray (water) the kettle. There are two kinds of watering pots for potted flowers.

There are two kinds of spring pruning shears or without springs for flower pruning and shaping or cutting flower branches and scions(32 cell plant trays bulk). After careful management, the flowers planted in the family have produced bright flowers, given off fragrance and fruit(16.5cm plastic grow pots). In addition to joy, they want to propagate by themselves, so as to continue the offspring of flowers and increase the number of varieties. Small flat shovel.(plastic 288 cell tray wholesale direct south korea)

Sprayer(50 cell plant trays bulk). Sufficient nutrients should be given during the growth period, flower color, and more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied after the seed setting stage to make the seeds plump and plump. Generally, asexual propagation can be used for flower species that are not easy to receive seeds(shallow germination trays). Seed harvesting. Good seed is an important guarantee for the success of flower cultivation. Penholder.

(plastic 288 cell tray wholesale direct south korea)Sexual reproduction refers to seed propagation, also known as seed propagation(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Sexual reproduction is characterized by large number of reproduction, simple and easy method, complete root system and strong growth. However, the variety of seeds obtained by cross pollination is easy to produce variation, and it is not easy to maintain the original excellent characteristics of the varieties(19cm plastic grow pots). Pruning shears.

The characteristics of asexual propagation are that it is easy to maintain the original excellent characteristics of the varieties and grow fast(seed planting trays wholesale). If you need to spray the leaves or potted seedlings, you can install a small eye nozzle, like the drizzle, gradually spray into the flower leaves and flowerpots(4 inch plastic pots wholesale); if you need to pour water into the pot soil, you can remove the fine eye nozzle and directly use the long nozzle to water.

In order to obtain ideal seeds, it is necessary to select the mother plants with strong growth(18 cell plug trays supplier), reflecting the characteristics of varieties, no diseases and insect pests, flower shape, plant type and other ornamental value in the cultivation process.  The seeds should be harvested after maturity(black plastic plant pots wholesale). This method can be used to propagate the flowers which are easy to harvest seeds. It is used for spraying water on flowers.

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