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Ginkgo biloba is a common green plant, which can purify air and cultivate sentiment(wholesale plant pots). In the process of planting Ginkgo biloba, it is inevitable to encounter some diseases. Summer is the season with high incidence of diseases, which needs more attention(10 gallon pot). This paper will introduce what problems should be paid attention to in the prevention and control of Ginkgo biloba diseases in summer.

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The disease often occurs in hot summer areas, especially in the south of the Yangtze River(wholesale greenhouse pots). After that, the diseased part surrounded the stem base and rapidly expanded upward, resulting in the death of the whole plant and the drooping of leaves(plastic plant pot suppliers). From 3 to 5 days after the seedling died, the cortex of the diseased part on the stem was slightly shrunk, and the tissue in the cortex was spongy or powdery, light gray, in which there were many black sclerotia.

(plastic 3 gallon container wholesale suppliers china)When the diseased seedlings are pulled out, the cortex of the roots falls off and remains in the soil(nursery pots). After the diseased seedlings are biennial, some of the aboveground parts die, the roots remain healthy, and new buds can still germinate in the same year. Generally, the disease began to develop about 10 days after the end of the rainy season, and stopped developing after September(plastic planters suppliers). The pathogen grows and propagates rapidly at 30 ℃ to 35 ℃.

The soil viscosity is heavy, the air permeability is poor(plant trays), the seedling bed is too low, the growth of seedlings is weak, the terrain is low-lying and waterlogging, the establishment of shade shed in summer and autumn can reduce the soil temperature, but the shade time should not be too long, so as not to affect the growth of ginkgo seedlings, so as to achieve better results(plastic plant pots manufacturers). The serious seedling death rate is more than 90%.(plastic 3 gallon container wholesale suppliers china)

Before and after the disease, neutralize the alkaline soil and eliminate the spread of various bacteria in the soil(plastic terracotta pots). The chemical agent can be 400g / L fluvazole emulsion (also known as precious star) 8000 times to 10000 times, or 62.25% mancozeb oral wettable powder (also known as Xingjie) 600 times, or 10% polymyxin B wettable powder (also known as Baokang) 800 times(7 gallon pot), evenly spray on the young Seedling or adult ginkgo leaves.

It can apply fertilizer in real time and optimize irrigation measures, and eliminate the nutrition partial consumption and water shortage caused by continuous cropping of wild vegetables(seed starting trays). The growth of Ginkgo biloba needs a lot of light and nutrients when it reaches the flowering stage. If the continuous rainy weather is encountered, appropriate and effective soil cultivation measures are adopted(teku plastic nursery pots). Many flower lovers will ignore it. 

(plastic 3 gallon container wholesale suppliers china)Real time and proper use of all kinds of low toxicity and high efficiency pesticides can slow down the obstacles caused by the continuous cropping of wild vegetables and the changes of soil microbial system(1 gallon pot). To stop crop rotation in a planned way can also reduce the disadvantages of continuous cropping of wild vegetables, it can effectively control the invasion of bacteria(black succulent pot). Regulate the activity of soil microorganism and improve the soil fertility.

If there is not enough sunshine and water in the tree body, it will also aggravate the phenomenon of fruit falling and have an impact on the flower bud differentiation in the second year(2 gallon nursery pots). When the disease occurred, the edge of the leaf apex began to lose green, showing light yellow, shiny, and then gradually extended to the leaf base, leading to the whole leaf yellowing(succulent plant pots bulk). After ginkgo is infected, it often shows a large number of leaves in advance. 

The damage of seedlings due to high temperature in summer and autumn is the cause of the disease(5 gallon nursery pots). The use of 1:70 times ferrous sulfate irrigation root can make the disease epidemic. The reason of serious water accumulation in orchard should be found out in time and effective measures should be taken(15 gallon planter). The height of the water level is also very important. The height of the water level is more than 1 / 3 of that of the vase.(plastic 3 gallon container wholesale suppliers china)

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