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Plastic 4 Gallon Flower Pots Wholesale Supplier

Lavender seeds are small and should be transplanted(10cm plastic plant pots). Warm areas can be carried out from March to June or from September to November every year. Cold areas should be planted from April to June, and can be planted in the greenhouse in winter. After germination, proper illumination is required, and weak photos are easy to grow(wholesale plant pots).

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(plastic 4 gallon flower pots wholesale supplier)Before planting, the land is flattened, watered, evenly seeded(perlite manufacturers), and then covered with a layer of fine soil, 0.2 cm thick, covered with grass or plastic film to protect. Maintain 15 ~ 25 ° C, the seedbed is required to be wet, about 10 days to emerge. If it is not treated with gibberellin, it will take one month to germinate. 

It takes 1 to 3 months to germinate below 15 °C. At the seedling stage, pay attention to water spray(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When the seedlings are too dense, the seedlings can be properly placed. When the seedling height is about 10 cm, it can be transplanted. When mechanically cultivating celery, the transplanting effect is good, and mechanical planting is applied. 

The slow seedling period is about 15-20 days(v10 plastic pots). The plastic shed can be completely removed, and the method of fine seeding of the tray can be adopted. The substrate can be selected with a professional seedling substrate to lay a foundation for high yield in the coming year. If there is heating in the room, the chrysanthemum does not wither and the spring can be opened once.

When the seed is released, in order to spread the seeds evenly, and then put into the placed seedling tray, as its flower language, lavender is not resistant to heat, the summer temperature is higher than 38-40 °C(seedling trays wholesale), the stem leaves are yellow, the plant grows and Flowering will have poor performance, and attention should be paid to drainage during the rainy season.

(plastic 4 gallon flower pots wholesale supplier)Before the winter, a layer of decomposed organic fertilizer should be laid, and the soil should be kept warmed(grow bag wholesale price), and the frozen water should be poured before the soil is frozen. Therefore, the import of small chrysanthemums can actually be opened in spring and autumn. The number of germination days is about 14 to 21 days. 

However, because of the temperature, the north is planted outdoors, and because the winter part of the ground is dead, spring is too late to bloom(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In Guangdong and Fujian, the winter temperature is relatively high, suitable for the growth of small chrysanthemums, which is the peak season for flowering, and the viewing time is quite long(plastic 4 gallon flower pots wholesale supplier).

Last year, a flower friend from Guangdong bought a seedling seedling, bursting pots, and flowering quite a lot(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). Chrysanthemum has a special feature, so even a small plug seedling, in the cold weather, may be alone and a few branches, but spring can draw strong buds. After the topping and other treatments, there is no pressure in the next year(black plastic nursery pots).

(plastic 4 gallon flower pots wholesale supplier)In recent years, with the development of vegetable intensive seedling industry(v11 plastic pots), celery is rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, etc., and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. It can greatly improve the efficiency of celery planting. Of course, the flower friends in the north don't have to worry. 

Dongfeng Jingguan 2ZY-2A (PVHR2-E18) type vegetable transplanter has high precision in planting(plastic nursery pots), and the front-facing sensor affects the commerciality. Seeds have a longer dormancy period, soak seeds for 12 hours before sowing, and then soak them with 20-50ppm gibberellin for 2 hours and then sow. The germination temperature is between 18 and 24 °C. 

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