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Plastic 4 Inch Square Nursery Pots Wholesale

In addition, such as respiration, transpiration, root synthesis, absorption(nursery plant pots), flower bud differentiation and nutrient transformation in the tree, these activities are very weak, and the management of potted trees in winter is an important guarantee for flowering and fruiting in the next year. The normal growth and fruit can be achieved only if the chilling requirement is satisfied(gallon pot), but the chilling requirement of different tree species is different.(plastic 4 inch square nursery pots wholesale)

The overwintering diseases and insects could be completely eliminated by applying 2-3 bomedolite sulfur mixture once(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The suitable types of pruning are: 450-1200 hours for peach trees, 500-900 hours for Apricot trees, 800-1000 hours for plum trees, 1100-1440 hours for sweet cherries and 1200-1500 hours for pear trees. When accumulated temperature is insufficient, it often shows late germination(4.72inch plastic plant pots), less flowering and late flowering, and no elongation between branches.

In order to maintain a perfect and compact tree shape and to control growth and fruit as effectively as possible(plastic plant trays wholesale), winter pruning should be based on the pruning principles of setting first, setting fruit first, overall and local pruning, using short, light and short load, medium and short truncation, heavy truncation, extreme truncation, shrinkage(5.12inch plastic plant pots), thinning and branching to effectively control the crown and promote the growth of medium and short trees.

(plastic 4 inch square nursery pots wholesale)Strong branches, strong branches, strong buds, can promote growth, achieve early results, early shaping purposes(square grow pots). Small fruit and poor quality reduced the ornamental value of potted trees. It takes 200 to 1500 hours to accumulate temperature for potted mixed deciduous fruit trees at 0 ~7.2 ~C. The fruiting part is close to the main trunk and branches, making the whole tree full and compact(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). At the initial stage of the disease, 50% carbendazim wettable powder 1000 times liquid was used to prevent and control.

The same is true for the latter two times before the fruit tree enters the room(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). When the amount of flowers is large, some buds can be removed first to keep the need of shape. When there are wormways in pot branches, cotton balls can be used to absorb 20 times of zinc, sulfur and phosphorus emulsifiable concentrate, plug the wormholes with wet mud, and bury or concentrate the weeds on the cut branches(5.5inch plastic plant pots), diseased leaves and pots to eliminate the overwintering bacteria and pests.

 The flower buds become brown and easy to fall off, affecting fruit development(cell trays). In late March, Bordeaux solution was sprayed to control medium shell insects and aphids. (Yang Shuqin, Gong Xianyi) Fertilizer can be stopped during the flowering period for the blooming golden orange, silver cinnamon, and dangui(4.92inch plastic plant pots). Disease and pest control can spray 90% of trichlorfon crystal 800 times liquid to control the green thorn moth harmful to flowers and trees such as Lagerstroemia, Pyracantha and Begonia crassipes.(plastic 4 inch square nursery pots wholesale)

After deciduous potted fruit trees(large plastic terracotta pots), dry and stiff buds, various physiological activities in the tree body, pruning, the budding parts, flower buds and branches that are expected to be retained, local branches can be pulled first and then sparse, to prevent excessive sparse branches, resulting in the overall sparseness and weakness of potted trees(5.9inch plastic plant pots). Poison sticks can be inserted into wormholes to control Anoplophora hybrida, Papaya and Begonia crassipes.

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