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Plastic 5 Gallon Nursery Flower Pots Manufacturers

Therefore, the conditional place can be applied to the decomposing biogas slurry 200kg/667m2, and 10 times of water is applied to the root of the seedling(flat plastic tray). Pay attention to the planting to harvest period, be sure to keep the soil moist, avoid water accumulation in the field. Immediately after the discovery of the soft rot disease plant in the field, the lime was sprayed on the diseased acupoints and all around, and the whole field spray can be killed(gallon nursery pots), agricultural streptomycin, gram gram or neomycin, sprayed on the affected area or rooted.

(plastic 5 gallon nursery flower pots manufacturers)And raising seedlings in the greenhouse solves this problem(plastic grow pots). For viral diseases, attention should be paid to timely control of aphids, locusts and other poisonous insects, and appropriate amount of well water should be used to reduce the ground temperature. 2.5% of the vegetables, 5%, Taibao, Le Siben and other pollution-free pesticides for prevention and control. The whole growing season needs to be cultivated 2 to 3 times(cell trays), in accordance with the principle of “shallow head, second deep, and three roots”.

The application of Chinese cabbage seedling transplanting technology in the vegetable production of Jixian County can produce good economic benefits and has the promotion value(greenhouse supplies pots). Due to the high temperature and high humidity weather when cabbage is planted, cabbage is more susceptible to soft rot. The soft rot disease of Chinese cabbage grown in mid-August can be seen everywhere, but it is just missed by seedling transplanting(gallon plant pot). Will be affected by soft rot, improve the quality and biological yield of cabbage.

(plastic 5 gallon nursery flower pots manufacturers)In the seedling stage, the damage of the seedlings can be avoided by the rainwater, the seedlings are fast after transplanting(wholesale greenhouse pots), the survival rate is high, and the whole growth period can greatly reduce the damage of the bacteria. Concentrated seedling transplanting is conducive to the elimination of small seedlings and inferior seedlings, so that the seedling age in the field is neat and consistent(plug trays), and it can reach the seedlings and strong seedlings, which is conducive to increasing production.

The fertilization and watering should be carried out in the morning and evening(seed starter trays). For major pests such as aphids, cabbage caterpillars, and diamondback moth, weedyl and imidacloprid can be used. Seedling transplanting, 1 hole, 1 capsule, can save seeds, transplanting, one-time fixed seedlings, eliminating the need for multiple artificial seedlings, can greatly improve the survival rate. Due to the high temperature and rainy season(propagation tray), the pests and diseases in the seedling stage are serious, so they cannot be advanced.

(plastic 5 gallon nursery flower pots manufacturers)The use of seedling transplanting methods can save space between the land and ensure timely planting(square nursery pots). Concentrated seedlings are not restricted by the land before the land, and it is beneficial to plant seeds in advance under shading conditions, and it is convenient to control pests and diseases. In the autumn, Chinese cabbage is not affected by pests and diseases. Prolonging the growth period is an important measure to increase production(seed starting trays wholesale). It is not advisable to plant seeds in advance during live broadcast.

Because of the higher efficiency and avoiding rot(black plastic plant pots), you should choose the plants that are tight and the morning market. Generally, it is harvested and listed on the 27th to 32th day after planting. The open land will be harvested and listed in the first ten days of November, and the greenhouse will be postponed until the Spring Festival. In short, the Chinese cabbage seedling transplanting technology has better solved the factors such as disease(3.54inch plastic plant pots), working hours and seeds in production, and has a high promotion value.

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