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Plastic 5 Gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale Supplier

The ratio of the matrix should be suitable to ensure good aeration and water retention(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Mix with grass charcoal, vermiculite and perlite in a ratio of 3:1:1, or mix with grass charcoal and vermiculite in a ratio of 2:1. Phosphate and potassium ternary compound fertilizer, mixed with the substrate and filled into the tray(15 gallon flower pots). After filling, scrape the excess substrate with a scraper, add water to the tray filled with the substrate, the humidity is about 40%, and the drain hole of the tray can be dripped.

(plastic 5 gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier)Then, the hole depth is 0.8~1.0cm on the tray by the puncher to ensure the depth of seeding and the emergence time are consistent(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the emergence of the tomato, the humidity in the shed should be reduced to about 80%, and the watering should be mainly sprayed with water(plastic nursery pots). At this stage, the seedlings grow slowly, the amount of fertilizer needed is small, and the fertilization cycle is extended as much as possible.

It is better to choose low-phosphorus fertilizer(1 gallon grow pots). When the seedlings grow 3 leaves and 1 heart, at this stage, the seedlings grow fast, and the seedlings should be fertilized in combination with water spray. The lack of nitrogen fertilizer will affect the root development of seedlings, and the loss of potassium fertilizer will affect the disease resistance of seedlings(square plant pots). During the period, the water should be less watered to ensure that the plants are not wilting, which can promote the root development of the plants.

(plastic 5 gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier)Use urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, spray the leaves at a certain ratio(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Tomatoes absorb more water, and too high or too low temperature will affect the absorption of water and fertilizer by tomatoes. The water content of the substrate is preferably about 45%, too much dry or too much water is not conducive to the growth of seedlings(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). With the growth of seedlings, it is necessary to supplement nitrogen and potassium fertilizers in a timely manner.

Therefore, according to the growth needs of seedlings, water and fertilizer supplements should be carried out regularly(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). If you encounter low temperature, cloudy weather, rain and snow, the fertilization interval should be extended. It can be used to refine the seedlings 7 to 10 days before the seedlings to improve the environmental adaptability of the plants(black plastic nursery pots). During the refining period, it is necessary to increase the ventilation volume so that the temperature inside the shed is basically the same as the external temperature.

(plastic 5 gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier)The plant height is 12~16 cm(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), the stem diameter is about 0.5 cm, the root system is developed, the matrix is tightly packed, and it is not scattered, and the seedling standard is reached. The common diseases in the process of tomato seedling are rickets, blight, early blight, etc. Common pests include whitefly and aphids(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In the event of pests, you can hang the yellow strips coated with oil to trap the mites, or spray 2~ avermectin emulsion 800~1000 times to control the whitefly and mites.

When the disease occurs, it can be sprayed with 70% Plex 1000 times solution(9cm plastic grow pots). Blight and early blight can be sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil WP 800-1000 times. Tomato is one of the main crops cultivated in the greenhouse, and is very popular among consumers. Traditional tomato planting pests and diseases are more serious, resulting in a decline in tomato production(nursery trays wholesale). Plug seedlings can not only solve this problem, but also shorten the seedling period and save costs.

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