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Plastic 6 Cell Plant Trays Wholesale Supplier

The potted soil and nutrients are limited, and the growth space is limited(gallon pot). It must be retracted to keep the potted plants of a certain size, avoiding the nutrition, the plant growth is not good, and the flowering is not beautiful. People want to make the potted flowers not only flowering, but also the plant type that wants to bloom(15cm plastic grow pots). The pruning is to achieve the organic combination of potted flowers and bonsai, which makes the potted flowers of the bougainvillea a bit bonsai, and can usually enjoy the plant type.(plastic 6 cell plant trays wholesale supplier)

Dead branches: trim off the weak branches and some useless branches, cut out the layers, so that the branches are exposed to light(square grow pots), so that the healthy and thick branches you need get more nutrients, grow stronger, accumulate more nutrients, and bloom more beautifully. The growth process should be slowly appreciated and slowly trimmed. It is necessary to constantly smear the buds and remove some unwanted buds and shoots(12.5cm plastic grow pots). Too many buds, too many branches and leaves, the nutrition of potted plants is always not enough.

The bougainvillea has a long-term growth and a fast growth rate(plastic plant trays wholesale). It must be fixed and maintained by timely pruning and topping. Topping also helps to stimulate new techniques and make them bloom more – because the flowers are only on the top of the new branches. Pruning is generally carried out in spring and summer, and pruning after mid-August will affect flowering and should not be carried out(16cm plastic grow pots). The objects to be trimmed are inner lychee, delicate branches, long-length schools, cross-branches, etc., and some long branches must also have 1 or 2 short-cuts.

(plastic 6 cell plant trays wholesale supplier)Overlapping branches: If you want to make a beautiful bonsai, you must trim it twice a year(seed starting trays). When pruning the bougainvillea bonsai, three principles must be mastered: short, heavy, and sparse. Pruning the species of bougainvillea bonsai branches: erect branches: branches that grow upright in the canopy(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Drooping branches: branches that hang at the apex of the branches(13cm plastic grow pots). Parallel branches: branches with two branches on the same horizontal plane that extend parallel to each other.

Two branches in the same vertical plane, overlapping branches(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). There are no vital branches. Long branches: branches that protrude from the periphery of the canopy. Inner lychee: short branches sandwiched between the main branches. Reverse branch: The growth direction of the branches extends toward the center of the canopy, branches that intersect with the trunk or the main branch(19cm plastic grow pots). Several branches are from the same section or very close to each other, while growing out to radially spread around, such branches are called round branches.(plastic 6 cell plant trays wholesale supplier)

Roots: Budding strips at the rhizosphere of the branches and flowers(large plastic terracotta pots). In order to prevent excessive rain, it leads to long-term, and those who have the conditions can be kept under the sun canopy. Bougainvillea is very sensitive to urea. For example, when the fertilization period is improper, the phenomenon may be caused by leafy leaves and less flowers. Therefore, be careful when applying urea(14cm plastic grow pots). In summer, the temperature is high, the rain is high, the plants are easy to grow, and urea cannot be applied alone. Some fertilizers made from waste vegetables can be applied.

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