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But this does not mean that succulents are not hydroponically cultivated(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). Then, can the succulent stone flower be hydroponically cultivated? As for whether the raw stone flower can be cultured in hydroponic culture, in addition to mastering its growth habit, we need to test it in combination with practice. Under normal circumstances, when the soil-contaminated pathogens are rotted(plug trays wholesale), after the roots are cut off, they can often be remedied by hydroponics to encourage them to grow new roots.

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(plastic 7 gallon plant container wholesale suppliers canada)After the rooting of the hydroponic culture, the plants are transplanted to the potting soil for conservation management(cheapest 2 gallon pots). We need to choose plants that are growing well. If you simply use hydroponics, then we need to choose plants that are robust and intact. Although it is said that the stone roots are rotten(black plastic nursery pots), they can be remedied by hydroponics, but there are certain difficulties. Therefore, in general hydroponics, choose to grow strong stone.

In addition, even if it is hydroponics(2 gallon plant container wholesale), the operation process should be in accordance with the norm, and it should be carried out in strict accordance with the standard process. Otherwise, hydroponics failure may also occur. Below, Xiaobian gives a brief introduction to the steps of hydroponics: firstly remove the raw stone from the original pot and then clean the soil adhering to the roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Be careful when handling the operation, protect the complete root system as much as possible, and cause less damage to the root system.

(plastic 7 gallon plant container wholesale suppliers canada)Next, insert the root of the stone flower into a transparent straw(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Note that the straw should be as thick as possible. Of course, you can also shorten the straw so that the roots of the stone can be spent from the bottom of the straw. Next, pour the straw together with the raw stone flower into a container filled with water, so that it can be cultured in hydroponics(plastic nursery pots). But in the hydroponics of raw stone, we still need to understand some considerations.

First of all, in the amount of water, although it is hydroponics, the amount of water should not be too much(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and the horizontal line can be slightly over the bottom of the straw. Moreover, it is not necessary to add nutrients, fertilizers, etc. in the water, and even tap water that has been aired for 2 days can be used for hydroponics. Secondly, in the hydroponic process, it is necessary to pay attention to changing the water frequently(wholesale nursery pots). It is also necessary to clean the hydroponic container regularly, otherwise the water will easily grow the bacteria, and even if it is not infected with the bacteria, it is easy to grow substances such as moss.

(plastic 7 gallon plant container wholesale suppliers canada)In this case, it will not only inhibit the respiration of the roots of the plants(1 gallon plant pots supplier), but also change the water quality, thus affecting the normal growth of the plants. However, for the phenomenon that the stone is not rooted, the effect of hydroponics is not only large, but also solves the problem of not rooting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, for hydroponic stone, it is generally necessary to dig hydroponics without rooting or rooting, which is often very important for saving the damaged stone.

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