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Plastic 72 Cell Nursery Sowing Tray Manufacturers

Peony flowers are a kind of flowering and beautiful flower plants, which are generally suitable for potted plants for viewing(plastic gallon containers). However, if you want to keep the plant in good growth and plant type, reasonable plastic surgery is a necessary management measure. Then, how to shape the potted peony flowers is beautiful(40 cell trays bulk)? The shaping of potted peony flowers is generally carried out by a combination of various methods such as drying, pruning, buds, buds, and residual flowers.

(plastic 72 cell nursery sowing tray manufacturers)Potted peony flowers can be dried after being planted in the pot for 2-3 years(buy plastic plant pots), and for the growing and vigorous peony flower varieties, they are trimmed into a single plant type; while the growth is relatively weak and Breeding cultivars with fewer side branches, cutting out weak branches and retaining strong branches to plump the plant shape(104 cell trays bulk). After drying the pot, we also need to smear and cut out redundant branches that are too dense and too dense.

Two flower buds should be kept on the outer side of each branch, and the other ones can be erased(plastic nursery containers), which can save some nutrients and allow them to be transported to the remaining branches, so that the branches grow more evenly, and at the same time, the leaves can be more lush. Potted peony flowers, 3 times a year to pruning and pruning to shape: the first time in the early spring of March(40 cell tray in bulk), the second time after the flower thank you, it is necessary to cut off the stalks and pedicels in time to avoid the formation of grain More nutrients are consumed.

(plastic 72 cell nursery sowing tray manufacturers)This is the third time often between October and November(plug flats), generally can be used to deal with pests and dead branches, old weak branches, overlapping branches, introverts, cross branches, parallel branches, long branches, etc. Increase ventilation and light transmission while shaping a good plant type. However, the long branches can be properly preserved according to the plant type effect(72 cell seed starting trays). If there are large vacancies in some parts, the original can be filled by appropriate short-length branches.

In the modeling process of potted peony flowers(nursery plant pots wholesale), through the rational use of pruning methods, it is often able to maintain the overall balance of the tree potential and maintain a strong growth. After the fall, as the peony flowers gradually fade, we need to cut off the dead leaves and leaves in time, especially to remove the infected leaves and insects in time(51 cell trays bulk). Because if these leaves are not removed in time, the pests may continue to spread through them.(plastic 72 cell nursery sowing tray manufacturers)

It can greatly reduce or reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases in the coming year.(plastic plant pots for sale) The diseases that often occur on onions are soft rot and stem rot. Apply fertilized fertilizer to prevent fertilizer from carrying bacteria. The topdressing method is 10 cm and the temperature is stable above 10 °C. In the second year, there may be flowers, soil and drainage are excellent, and the seedlings grow slowly with two knots(128 cell seedling start trays). Generally, the daytime temperature is 25-30 °C and the nighttime is not lower than 10 °C.

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