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Plastic 72 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Suppliers China

Before and after Qingming in spring, the seeds were soaked in warm water at 40 ° C for 1-2 days and often stirred(square grow pots). After removing the dry water, plug seedlings were generally entrusted with a heavy task. Cm, plant spacing 35-40 cm, sowing 4-6 seeds per hole, flat hole after sowing, watering, emerge in about 10 days(bulk 2 gallon containers). Pueraria lobata grows fast, and weeding can be done in early spring before germination, and then in late autumn.

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Note: It is difficult to achieve accuracy, let alone zero seedling stock(wholesale nursery pots). The top buds are removed at the base to reduce nutrient consumption, and the plant shape must be adjusted reasonably to make full use of sunlight. The fertilization of returning green manure is mainly based on rotten manure water. 1000 kg per acre can be appropriately combined with urea(24 cell trays bulk). After the fallen leaves, overwintering fertilizer is applied, mainly farmhouse fertilizer. It is better to be white and powdery without mildew.

(plastic 72 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers china)The annual growth period can be combined with watering, and a small amount of potassium fertilizer can promote root growth(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Wild kudzu cultivation must be erected. One wooden post can be erected every two to three meters between two rows. The posts are connected by iron wires(4 cell trays bulk). Bamboo poles or iron wires are tied between the rafters and rafters to facilitate climbing. When the seedlings are 30 cm high Can be introduced into the shelves.

One is precise and the other is approximate(seed starting trays). Finally, plug tray seedlings are the beginning of the realization of future agricultural automation, mechanization, standardization, and product flow(6 cell trays bulk). Pupae can be spray-killed with 2000% dichlorvos emulsifiable concentrate at 2000 times, and chafers can be sprayed with foliar spray from 90% of dichlorvos 1000 times at May-June, and other pests can be controlled with dimethoate and insecticides.(plastic 72 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers china)

The cultivated wild kudzu can be mined at the end of autumn or early winter or early spring in 2-3 years(flat plastic tray). When digging, dig out all the roots, remove the vines and fibrous roots, scrape off the rough skin, cut into small pieces of about 10 cm, and cut about 5 cm thick strips, cut dry with cut or drench with 2% lime water and then dry Both(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Pueraria is not much diseased, and the growing season is mainly caused by pests such as crickets and scarabs.

(plastic 72 cell plug flats wholesale suppliers china)Second plug seedlings are a guarantee of yield(propagation tray). For planting categories, each seedling is completely separated to prevent the occurrence of large-area diseases. In the production process of the base, once it occurs, it can be controlled within a very small range, ensuring the stability of the supply of most seedlings(8 cell trays bulk). And last. There is a huge saving in seeding and seedling cultivation, but the hidden risks in pest control are also the greatest. Stable supply is the first priority.

Dead vines and diseased branches should also be removed in time(large plastic terracotta pots). Plug tray transplantation is to ensure that each seedling is free of diseases and insect pests and various potential infections. The finished plug seedlings have a uniform shape and stable quality(12 cell trays bulk). In this form, it is more convenient to dock with various production links, and intensive seedling breeding is based on the production plan, using tray seeding, periodically providing qualified, and finally achieving mechanical operation.

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