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Plastic 98 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale Supplier

The tray substrate seedling is a new type of light and simple technology that replaces the traditional nutrient seedlings by loading a high-efficiency mixed matrix into the trays(large plastic terracotta pots), applying nutrient solution, and suitable for seedling age transplanting. The seeding period of the tray substrate seedlings is more flexible, and is less affected by weather and other factors(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). 

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(plastic 98 cell seedling trays wholesale supplier)Put the purchased seedling substrate into the tray and fill it with water first(gallon pot). Soak the seeds for 3 to 4 days before sowing, then soak them in warm water at about 30 °C for 8 to 10 hours, select the seeds for sowing, one point and one grain, gently press the seeds in the substrate, then cover with the substrate, spray 50 % carbendazim 2000 times solution hydrating disinfection.

Water management is the core technology of seedling substrate seedlings(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). Through water regulation, the growth and development process of cotton seedlings is regulated, and the bed surface is covered with mulch film. After about 15 hours, when planting, the row spacing is 10cm, the plant spacing is 3cm, and the rope is used for transplanting(plastic 98 cell seedling trays wholesale supplier). 

It is divided into three stages: paving the substrate, 5-10 days after sowing, ensuring sufficient water(square grow pots), cotton seeds to absorb enough water, heat preservation and moisturizing to promote the whole seedling; 15 to 20 days after sowing, it is required to control the lowering, so as not to dehydrate As a basic principle, it is necessary to replenish water and prevent drought to kill seedlings every day.

At the same time, watering the nutrient solution to promote the growth of cotton seedlings, the temperature should not exceed 30 °C, prevent high temperature burning seedlings(50 cell propagation trays wholesale); 25 days after sowing, combined with refining, alternating wet and dry, carry out drought training, planting Pre-exposed film refining(plastic 98 cell seedling trays wholesale supplier). After planting, the root water is poured. 

The leeward is sunny, the seedlings are finely planted during transplanting, and the root damage is reduced(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The mulching film is covered with holes (holes) for transplanting, and the root water is poured while planting, and the field with poor bottom soil needs irrigation and hydration to ensure the survival rate and rapid relaxation of transplanting(plastic 98 cell seedling trays wholesale supplier). 

Seedling growth. The cotton seedlings bred by the tray substrate seedlings showed the characteristics of weak seedling growth and obvious growth rate after bud emergence(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). 10kg of urea per acre after 7-10 days of transplanting could promote the early growth and stability of cotton. 5 to 6 days before transplanting, apply appropriate amount of “lifting water” and spray the leaf-preserving agent for 1-2 days.

(plastic 98 cell seedling trays wholesale supplier)Focus on timely checking and adjusting humidity(seed starting trays), adjust the seeding position up and down every 3 hours, and turn the cotton seed in the bag to keep the temperature inside the bag at 28 °C - 30 °C, let the cottonseed fully absorb the moisture, and require the village or society as the unit to carry out the uniform chicken nest. Germination or greenhouse germination. 

Best nursery time: Choose from late March to April 5, choose fine weather for 5-7 days, and refine the seedling 5 days before transplanting(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). The sowing date is determined according to the transplanting period, sowing in mid-April, and the seedling age is about 25 days. The length, width and height of the plug are 60cm, 33cm and 5cm respectively, 100-126 holes per plate and 80-100 seedlings. 

Conditional can be incubated at a constant temperature of 30 ° C to germination, when the cottonseed is white when sowing(plastic plant trays wholesale). Soaking time is 7-8 hours (the seed coat is softened(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), the cotyledon is evacuated to the degree, and pay attention to flipping), then the soaked syrup is drained, and the medicine is washed with water to avoid affecting the germination.(plastic 98 cell seedling trays wholesale supplier)

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