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Plastic Black 10 Gallon Tree Pots Wholesale

The invention relates to a multi-layer movable household bean sprouts breeding device(seed trays wholesale), which is composed of a movable, hydrating and draining multi-layer three-dimensional frame and a seedling tray for cultivating bean sprouts, and the seedling tray has an inner disk and an outer disk. The yield of sprouts per unit area is increased, the wheel structure at the bottom facilitates the movement of the device, the multi-layer seedling tray can replenish water(1020 trays wholesale).

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(plastic black 10 gallon tree pots wholesale)The invention discloses a fully automatic intelligent organic sprouting vegetable planting box(25 gallon tree pots). The box body is provided with at least two greenhouses, and the greenhouse is provided with a greenhouse heater and a heating water pipe. The water storage tank is connected with the spray head through the upper water pipe, and the water pipe and the storage are heated. 

The water tank is connected, the air inlet fan is arranged at the lower part of the box body, the exhaust fan is arranged at the upper part, the ventilation duct is arranged in the box body(32 cell seed starter trays), the air heater is installed at the front end of the air inlet fan, and the fill light is installed above the planting tray, and the seedling tray and the three-dimensional frame are designed as a card slot, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly.

Intelligent management of all varieties suitable for planting(1 gallon tree pots), equipped with heating, dehumidification, cooling, light filling, spraying and other facilities to meet the growing conditions of various sprouts, not affected by external temperature, humidity, the excess water can be discharged by itself, the emergence rate is high, and the quality of the cultivated bean sprouts is good. 

Through multiple greenhouses to control and stratify the fill light and water spray management, the need to simultaneously or alternately plant multiple varieties is safe(200 cell seed starter trays), environmentally friendly, green and pollution-free, easy to operate and easy to use. High yield, thereby improving the economic benefits of sprout production enterprises, and a pressurizing device is disposed on the sprinkler head.

(plastic black 10 gallon tree pots wholesale)A shower head is disposed directly above each of the planting containers(10 gallon tree pots), light and other conditions, and each of the shower heads communicates with the water collecting tank through a connecting pipe. It will not cause direct water waste because the spray water is sprayed on the side wall of the planting container or directly to the ground. 

At the same time, the water sprayed onto the sprouts will be collected from the drain pipe at the bottom of the planting container into the water collecting tank(105 cell seed starter trays). By increasing the recycling of water, the waste of water resources is reduced, which greatly saves water, each of which is provided with a drainage pipe at the bottom, and each drainage pipe is connected with the water collecting tank(plastic black 10 gallon tree pots wholesale).

The sprinkler is connected to the watering device through a pipe(wholesale nursery pots), and the sprinkler is placed above the seed layer in the sprouting planting container. Since the present invention is provided with a pressurizing device on the sprinkler head, while watering the sprouts, a certain pressure can be applied to the sprouts while growing, so as to promote the growth and crispness of the sprouts(15 gallon tree pots). 

The invention discloses a sprouting vegetable factory water-saving circulation production system(plastic nursery pots), which comprises a planting container arranged in sequence. The invention discloses a cylinder The pool type sprouting vegetable production device comprises a sprouting vegetable planting container(grow bags wholesale), and a sprinkler head is arranged above the sprouting vegetable planting container.

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