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Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale Suppliers Greece

Chemical control(deep plant trays). Before the onset of the disease, spray 160 times Bordeaux liquor, once every half a month, continuously spray 2-3 times. In the early stage of the disease, spraying 1000 times of 70% thiophanate methyl WP, 600 times of 65% mancozeb WP, or 800 times of 50% carbendazim WP had good control effect(plastic plant pots bulk). Conidia can germinate only under high humidity. It is easy to get sick by spraying when watering.

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It is mainly harmful to rose, rose, peony(2 gallon pots for plants), plum blossom, chrysanthemum, peony, hydrangea, dahlia, guayeju, gerbera, golden bell, Zinnia, gardenia, Lagerstroemia, lilac, autumn seaweed, Fengxian flower, hibiscus mutabilis, etc. Powdery mildew mainly damages leaves, buds and shoots, and also infects petioles, flower buds and pedicels(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). The whole plant was covered with powdery layer, and the powdery layer on the leaves was thick.(plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers greece)

In severe cases, the leaves curled up, dried up, and even the whole plant died(5 inch plastic flower pots). The main characteristic is that most of the pathogens grow on the surface of host plants. The control measures are as follows: timely remove the diseased branches, leaves and buds, and reduce the source of infection. Strengthen cultivation management and improve environmental conditions(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots) Powdery mildew is the most common and serious fungal disease on flowers.

(plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers greece)In the later stage of the disease(8 inch plastic pots), the white powder layer turned to gray white, and the particles with needle loss size appeared on it, and the color gradually turned to dark brown. Hyphae and conidia overwintered on the host residues and in the diseased leaves, and became the primary source of infection(plastic herb pots). Conidia are transmitted by wind and rain and irrigation. Anthrax is closely related to the temperature in early spring.

Fusang, wuse Mei, oleander, yinyuqiu, mulou, Michelia, gardenia, Yingchun, Xiangju, rubber tree, Cinnamomum cassia, boxwood, evergreen, etc(7 gallon flower pot). It can damage the leaves, tender branches, flower organs and fruits. The damaged flower plants are short, the tender shoots are curved, the leaves are uneven, the flowers are few and small(large plastic planters cheap), or the flower buds can not open or the flower posture is abnormal, which affects the ornamental value.(plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers greece)

The main cold wave in early spring delayed the occurrence of anthrax(disposable plastic plant pots). Powdery mildew is a kind of obligate parasite, and most of them are surface parasitic. After spores germinate, they extend into the epidermal cells of host plants to absorb nutrients and reproduce(nursery plant pots wholesale). Some of the pathogens overwintered in the dormant buds of the susceptible plants by mycelium, and some overwintered on the diseased leaves with the closed capsule.

(plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers greece)After the disease, timely pull out the diseased plants or cut off the diseased branches and leaves(10x20 plant trays), and burn them: thoroughly remove the diseased plants in late autumn, or spray Bomei 2-3 degrees of stone sulfur mixture to eliminate the overwintering bacteria in the buds or the closed capsule of the diseased parts(plastic flower pots wholesale). Strengthen the light, pay attention to ventilation, grain plant density and potted flower placement density should not be too dense.

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