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Plastic Cell Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers France

Forest type is a relatively simple and extensive form dominated by tall trees(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). If different tree species are adopted, it is best to be evergreen or deciduous, or arbor or shrub, and the large and medium ones should be the same. Garden roads are not allowed in the bushes(seedling trays wholesale). The section in any direction should be undulating and scattered canopy lines, rich twists and turns in the horizontal contour, and the spacing of trees should be dense.

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It plays a great role in regulating microclimate, mostly open(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). The combination of three trees is the basic unit of the Bush, and more than four trees can be analogized according to their laws. When planting, avoid three plants on the same line or forming an equilateral triangle. The distance between the three plants should not be equal(3 gallon nursery pots). Generally, the largest and smallest should be closer to form a group, and the middle size should be farther away.

If you climb some vines such as complex stones on the trunk, you can add a natural and quiet atmosphere(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Hedgerow type hedgerow, also known as hedgerow and raw hedgerow, refers to the hedgerow formed by dense planting of trees or shrubs(plastic bonsai pots). There are not too many trees, flowers and plants in the courtyard, but mainly hedges, which surround the courtyard or form various patterns(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). Such a garden style is called hedgerow type.

For ordinary families, green paper is most commonly used as the barrel or wall of the garden(grow bags wholesale), which plays the role of scope and enclosure, which can not only increase the beauty of the yard, but also be more economical than using other materials(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). If the courtyard faces the street and is noisy, or there are some less elegant buildings in front of the house, tree walls or high hedges can be planted to provide a quiet environment for the house(large plastic planters).

Therefore, the flower hedge is a more exquisite green tube in the garden(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). It often selects osmanthus, gardenia, June snow, hibiscus, Dushu, hemp leaf Hydrangea, Japanese Spiraea and other flowering trees. Deciduous hedgerow because deciduous hedgerow is not beautiful in winter, it is only used in the north where it is cold in winter and lacks evergreen trees(plastic pots for plants wholesale). It is best to use the same tree species with different posture and size for three plants.

The following fruit viewing hedgerows are often planted with Pyracantha fortunei, structural bone, Purple Pearl, pod lotus and other fruit viewing trees as hedgerows, with different fruit ripening color(custom plant pot). Barbed hedges are planted with barbed plants, which can not only play a preventive role, but also be more economical and beautiful than barbed wire(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). Commonly used tree species such as bony, cypress, lattice tree, orange and wood.

Lingxiu is often used for fence decoration in family gardens(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). Bamboo fences, wooden fences or barbed wire fences are often built around(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), and vines such as ivy, clematis, lianben Cuwei, zunluo, lentils and Yunshi are planted to climb on the fence to form a vine fence (color picture 2). In order to strengthen the preventive effect of hedgerow and avoid the passage of tourists or animals, sometimes the branches of hedgerow plants are woven into a form of mesh or grid(1 gallon nursery pots).

After a period of nurturing, care and dressing, a beautiful realm of green-leaved mother-in-law, beautiful young woman, and fruitful fruits will surely be formed(5 gallon nursery pots). If the hedge is planted against the wall and used as the background of flower beds, flower borders, flower bushes, etc., it will produce vivid and vivid color effects(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). No matter what kind of hedgerow, it is necessary to ensure direct sunlight on the stem of the plant so that the base is not bald. 

If you combine hedges of different heights(4.5 inch nursery pots), you can also produce different layers(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). Green tube planting and trimming hedges can be planted in single or double rows, and can be arranged in a triangle cross when double rows are planted. The planting density depends on the purpose of use, different tree species, seedling specifications and the width of the planting zone(6 inch nursery pots). Vine type A type of garden greening with vine plants as the main material.

Therefore, green tubes generally need to be pruned(plastic plant trays wholesale). Even if the green tube is not shaped, in order to prevent the lower branches and leaves from withering and make the hedge grow tightly, it is necessary to promote the physiological pruning of the lower branches(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Less. In order not to wither, the top tip of the main branch must be removed when it reaches a certain height(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). For clumpy shrubs, just control a certain height.

Therefore, when trimming, the section of the most commonly used green spring must be kept up and down, or vertical, otherwise, if it is pruned to be up and down If the lower part is small, the lower part will die due to the lack of sunlight(custom plastic pots); if the main branch of the hedge is not cut off and becomes a minaret, the main branch will continue to grow upward, forming a dominant effect on the top, and the lower part will also be bald(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france).

Greening and beautifying the home with vines(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), it has a small footprint, flexible application forms, large green wall covering area, fast growth, heat insulation, heat preservation, and sun protection, and it can make full use of the three-dimensional space of the family home garden for vertical greening The outstanding advantages(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). No matter what kind of green tube, once the lower part is bare, a new green hedge should be replaced(gallon nursery pots private label).

vine plants are very popular among family residents(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). It is even more unique if it is trimmed with a modern sharp angle or a hedge is used to form a narrow terrace-shaped wall with a sense of urban modernity(bulk order plant pots). Types of Green Tubes Hedges can be divided into green walls (>160 cm), high hedges (120-160 cm), medium hedges (50-120 cm) and low hedges (<50 cm) according to their height(10 gallon nursery pots). Regular hedgerows need to be trimmed frequently.

Commonly used wall greening When wall greening, planting trellis grapes and wisteria for shade to enjoy the coolness has been considered an ideal method since ancient times(15 gallon pot). They are made of durable and rust-proof materials, and built scaffolds or fences according to the environmental characteristics of the room for the climbing and growth of grapes or wisteria(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers france). And the viewing requirements are different, it can be divided into eight types.

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