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Plastic Cell Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Netherlands

The selected branches should be evenly distributed and consistent in height(plastic flower pots bulk). Pick buds, protect stocks. The beauty of peony flowers is that the flowers are big and gorgeous, which must keep one branch and one flower. The initial onset is manifested by grain-sized brown spots on the back of the leaves, with a slightly darker edge, forming irregular concentric ring patterns(one gallon pot). It is a fungal disease that is spread by soil and roots.

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If one branch has several flowers, not only does the flower bloom insufficiently, but also makes the flower shape smaller, which will also affect the spread of the next year(rootmaker propagation trays). Therefore, at the end of March each year when the flower buds are already large, the small and dense buds should be removed, leaving a well-developed top bud(2 gallon pots wholesale). Pruning and pruning in the same language gardening, so it is also called fixed stock to take buds.

(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers netherlands)The time from "Beginning of Autumn" to "End of Heat" is the key time for hoeing and killing weeds(planting trays wholesale). Light hoeing and fine hoeing should be used to eliminate weeds before they set seeds to reduce the damage of weeds in the coming year. Prune to shoot(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). Spray 500~800 times of Zinc at the beginning of the onset, once every 7~10 days. Spray 1:1:160 times Bordeaux mixture in May, once every 10-15 days, until the end of July.

For example, when the development of peony is weak, all the buds can be removed to promote better growth and development, and lay the foundation for next year's flowering(nursery tray manufacturers). The prevention and treatment method of this disease should adopt a combination of cleaning the garden and drug prevention(2.5 inch square plastic pots). For this reason, timely prevention and control of pests and diseases is very important to ensure the normal growth of peony.(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers netherlands)

For the broken or cut off, use mud to seal the paper to prevent holes and bees from flooding(72 cell plug trays). Because the medicinal peony does not bloom, all the buds are removed in time in spring to promote the growth of roots. One is disease, and the other is insect damage. The growth of peony is weakened, the flower color declines, the yield of peony bark decreases, and the grade is poor(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). This is an important technical measure in peony management.

(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers netherlands)Common diseases in the main producing areas of peony include leaf spot(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Also known as "black spot". The disease is a fungal infection of the genus Polychaete, and the pathogen mainly infects leaves, stems and flowers. The onset occurs 15 days after flowering, and it becomes more and more serious as the temperature rises in mid-July(5 inch plastic pots). The spots increase in July and merge with each other, and the leaves are scorched and withered.

Before and after "Lidong", the dry leaves in the peony field should be cleaned up to reduce the source of pathogenic bacteria(long life propagation trays). Cultivating flowers and protecting the fetus refers to the signs of falling leaves and autumn hair after the frost falls. When the fetus is about to sprout, the fetus must be tightly bound with thin silk to avoid its disasters, otherwise there will be no flowers(1.5 gallon pot). Receive Technical measures for picking buds and protecting stocks are very important.(plastic cell seed trays wholesale suppliers netherlands)

Purple pattern feather disease(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). The victim has purple or white cotton wool-like hyphae, commonly known as "black lump head". The lighter ones do not give birth to new roots, the branches are thin and the leaves turn yellow, the more severe ones, the whole root neck and roots rot, and the plants die(plastic flower pot price). Occurs mostly in hot and rainy seasons. Experienced flower farmers advocate applying light fertilizer, light fertilizer, and winter fertilizer.

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