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Plastic Cell Seedling Tray Manufacturers Belarus

Water and fertilizer treatment should keep up with each other(seedling trays wholesale). Water should be poured once every 3 to 5 days. It is better to keep the basin soil slightly wet without waterlogging. The nutrient content is different. The petals are delicate and delicate. When flowering, the petals turn back and look beautiful(teku pots). From the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer, it is the season for immortals to bloom and grow abnormal stems. 

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For field crops, the fertilizer effect is long(seed starting trays supplier). Due to the long flowering period, large amount of flowers and dry indoor air, water once a week or so with water close to the room temperature. After the flowers are withered, it is OK to keep the soil slightly moist and not to be too wet and waterlogged(large plastic plant pots for trees). Spray water on the abnormal stem once a day or at noon every other day, with small water drops on the stem and leaves instead of dropping.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers belarus)

Spray water on the stems and leaves every other day or every 2 days(seed propagation trays). Take part in two or three drops of flower nutrition liquid or micro potassium dihydrogen phosphate in water spray every 10 days. If the stem and leaf are thin, shriveled and drooping, spray water on the stem and leaf once a day or every other day(vegetable growing trays). Add 2 to 3 drops of flower nutrient solution or 3 or 4 grains of urea when spraying water for about 10 days, and the growth can be restored for about 2 months.

Fertilizer was applied once in 10 days after anthesis(two gallon pot), the first two times were mainly nitrogen fertilizer, and then the compound fertilizer or nutrient solution mainly phosphorus and potassium was applied, and the thin fertilizer was applied frequently until the new leaves stopped in late June and mid July(plastic cell trays supplier). The most suitable light is half shade. The origin is the tropical forest in South America, which is attached to the branches of large flowers.

(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers belarus)In this development, the sun is not allowed to direct to it, especially in the north, especially in summer(plastic potting pots). Since cactus has many flowers and long flowering period, a small amount of fertilizer can also be applied when flowering. It is better to use P and K fertilizer instead of applying nitrogen alone(7 inch plastic plant pots). When applying farmyard manure to this kind of soil, it is necessary to apply farmyard manure with rich organic matter and good maturity.

Its place of origin will know the requirements for water conditions(seed starting trays wholesale). See the principle of watering. The best formula soil with good drainage is one garden soil, one coal cinder or river sand, one organic fertilizer, three in total. In summer, it is a good way for immortals not to be harmed by spiders to ventilate and ensure the air circulation in the room(3 inch nursery pots). Farmers usually choose compound fertilizer according to the principle of balanced fertilization.

Cactus refers to the cactus branch, which is an epiphytic cactus flower. The branches are like stem nodes(heavy duty gallon pot). When stems and branches start to develop new leaves, farmers usually need to contact more agricultural technicians. On the contrary, in the development season, they should apply fertilizer 3-5 times and pay attention to loosening soil and weeding(1 gallon plant container). The basin soil should be wet to prevent drought and waterlogging.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers belarus)

Therefore, there are many organic and inorganic colloids in clay, its cation exchange capacity is large, soil fertility is strong, and nutrients are not easy to lose(heavy duty plant pots). However, the clay supply is slow, but the effect is also slow after fertilization(one gallon plant pots). Think about this kind of soil "grow old seedlings but not young ones", the fertilizer effect is slow and long, the soil is compact, the permeability is poor, and the root of crops is difficult.

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