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Plastic Cell Seedling Tray Manufacturers In Australia

Need fine management, especially weeding(plug plant trays), be very careful, if the herbicide is not selected or applied improperly, it will reduce production, and even produce residual poison on the crop. When raising seedlings, the scallions can use 33% weeding emulsifiable concentrate, 100 ml per mu, or 48% dilamine emulsifiable concentrate(plant germination trays), 150 ml per mu, 50% herbicide No. 1 wettable powder 150 grams per mu, 50 kg spray with water.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in australia)

Before the scallions are transplanted after the preparation of the soil(2 gallon plastic nursery pots), 48% trifluralin EC can be used, 100-150 ml per mu, or 48% dilamine emulsifiable concentrate, 200 ml per mu, 50% Da Li Hui WP, 100-150 per mu. Gram, spray 50-60 kg with water. 33% weeding emulsifiable concentrate, 100-150 ml per mu, or 35% herbicide ether emulsifiable concentrate(shallow germination trays), 500 ml per mu, 50% Ligulong wettable powder, 100 g per acre, 50-60 kg spray with water.

Before applying the above herbicides, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points: First, the selected herbicide species should be applied before emergence after sowing(cheap plastic garden pots). The second is to apply the weeds before emergence of the seedlings after transplanting(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Third, the soil moisture should be sufficient when applying the medicine, and the permeability will be better. Fourth, the sandy soil should not be applied to the grass.

(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in australia)So, how to remove the shallot weed? The bulbs are slightly exposed to the soil surface, and then water is poured(square succulent pots). After survival, they can enter normal management. When entering the middle growth period, the water volume can be appropriately reduced. Spread the biological fertilizer evenly on the land where the shallots are to be planted(germination flats), and then plow the plough to make the biological fertilizer and the soil fully contact with each other before planting. 

Control method: Spray HILOT Kay cream 100-300 times, oval shape, in the process of planting chives, it is more troublesome(succulent pots in bulk). When the temperature is low, apply the medicine around noon on sunny days. When the temperature is high, apply in the morning or afternoon(plug tray nursery). Shallots will not be damaged by root rot, gray mold, soft rot and root-worm, no rotten roots and dead seedlings, green leaves, good growth and high yield.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in australia)

After spraying with Fluorine(plastic flower pots wholesale), the toothed mash should be mixed with the soil in time to prevent the volatilization and reduce the control effect. After the operation of the shallots, every 15 to 20 days, the roots should be drenched once with 1500 times of the aqueous solution of the biological fertilizer, or 300 times of the root of the biological fertilizer, and continuously drenched 3 to 5 times, each time per acre. 2500 ~ 3000 kg(plastic seedling trays), evenly drenched in the soil around the roots of the chives plant.

It can be sown and propagated, but it is better to grow with bulbs(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). It is usually carried out in April-May or September-October, using the bulbs kept in the previous year for planting. It is also possible to use the rooted bulbs purchased from the vegetable market (cut the leaves before planting, do not cut the white sheath) Planting. Each 2-3 bulbs are planted into the soil with a spacing of about 10 cm(nursery plant trays). It is not suitable for planting too deep.

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