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Plastic Cell Seedling Tray Manufacturers In Colombia

To cultivate vegetables, we must first carry out seed treatment(10 gallon plastic pots). Pick some seeds that are free of wounds and pests, soak them in water for germination. This process is critical, and the germination process is designed to allow it to germinate better during growth and cannot be ignored(deep cell plug trays). After soaking, wash it again with clean water. Wait until the seeds are slowly exposed and then plant them. Remember to do the land work before planting.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in colombia)

In this way, before planting coriander, it is recommended that the soil be sown in the soil(trade gallon pot), which will ensure that the nutrients in the future fertilization and watering process will actually penetrate into the coriander. Then the whole piece of land is properly distributed, so we must apply a sufficient amount of base fertilizer before cultivation(planting trays wholesale). The base fertilizer is generally selected from farmyard manure and compound fertilizer, and mixed and mixed into the soil.

(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in colombia)It is recommended to mix the soil and fertilizer so that it can be absorbed thoroughly(20 gallon plant pot). Anti-season planting, when planting, you need to pay attention to the amount of seeding, the amount of seed per acre should not exceed two pounds. The right amount can guarantee the quality and ensure the output(seed starting tray wholesale). Everyone must pay attention to this problem when planting, remember not to sprinkle too much.

The growth cycle of coriander is short(50 cell plug trays). Because it is planted off-season, the requirements for soil are also stricter. Watering and topdressing should be timely after the completion of the seedlings. This quality of coriander is very popular in the market. Moreover, the pests and diseases of coriander are also quite a lot(plastic plant pots wholesale nz). Too much sowing will cause growth intensive and affect later harvesting.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in colombia)

The field management of coriander is more critical, whether it is planted in the off-season or in the normal spring(cheap square plant pots). When the parsley grows in the summer, everyone builds a awning that blocks the sunlight from directing the parsley and improves the permeability of the whole parsley(mini plastic plant pots). For all kinds of pests and diseases, everyone should pay attention to the time of seedlings, and observe the whole field situation.

Sowing in a sponge of similar size, when the coriander seedlings have 3-4 leaves, they can be transplanted to the cultivation seedbed for cultivation(nursery plant pots for sale). How to cultivate coriander without soil? Prevent drought, cover with a thin layer of soil, then take out the gauze bag and keep the soil moist(black plastic flower pots). The outer space of the anti-shock net can prevent pests from entering. Greenhouse, multiple sterilization and disinfection before cultivation.(plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in colombia)

Otherwise, the size is different, you can choose 20% rare sedative emulsifiable concentrate (take the net) 65-100 ml per acre or 10.8% high-efficiency flupirtine emulsifiable concentrate (high-efficiency covering grass) 25-30 ml, etc.(starter pots), optional 20 % Sparsein emulsifiable concentrate (take the net) 100-150 ml per mu, or 15% fine to kill 40-50 ml per mu(seed cell trays), or 10.8% high-efficiency flupirtine emulsifiable concentrate (high-efficiency covering grass) 25-30 The medicinal plants such as milliliters are treated with stems and leaves in the 3-5 leaf stage of weeds.

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