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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers Saudi Arabia

It is suitable for planting with other flowers and can also be cultivated in pot(162 cell plug trays supplier). In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the methods of cultivation. Potted chrysanthemum likes loose and fertile sandy soil, which is rich in humus. Generally, the mixed soil can meet this requirement(4 inch pots wholesale). The garden soil can be mixed with river sand, perhaps rotten leaf soil, slag, peat, etc. to form soil.

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In the same way, Chrysanthemum morifolium prefers sufficient light and warm climate, but it is not resistant to high temperature(200 cell plug trays supplier). The suitable temperature for development is between 15 ℃ and 25 ℃. Maintenance of white cloth chrysanthemum usually, it is necessary to guarantee sufficient light(bulk plastic pots for plants). If it is cultured indoors, the potted plants of white cloth chrysanthemum can be placed on the windowsill and balcony that can touch the sun.

(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers saudi arabia)However, in summer, the sunshine is more intense, and white cloth chrysanthemum is afraid of strong light, so it is necessary to shade for maintenance(200 cell plant trays bulk). White cloth chrysanthemum is not resistant to high temperature in summer, so it is necessary to shade and cool down, and the overwintering temperature in winter should be around 5 ℃, pay attention to ensure sufficient light, it is necessary to adhere to basin soil wetting(bulk fabric pots).

The watering and fertilization of white chrysanthemum should be stopped according to the specific situation, and more water and fertilizer are necessary in the vigorous development period(32 cell plant trays bulk). Watering is generally between dry and wet, during the development period, in order to ensure the healthy development of plants(3 gallon pots distributor). In autumn and winter, plant development slows down, so it is necessary to pay attention to control watering.

The height of the plant can be controlled and the type of the plant can be fluffy, so that the heart can be properly selected(50 cell plant trays bulk). White cloth chrysanthemum is often seeded and propagated. As for the planting method of Shatian grapefruit, it's the process of seed selection(large plastic plant trays). If the conditions are available, generally speaking, you can indirectly choose a better seedling of Shatian grapefruit, so if the local soil fertility is relatively high.(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers saudi arabia)

Chamomile is a kind of herbaceous flower with silvery white leaves(50 cell seed trays wholesale). It usually stops in August and September and can also stop cutting. For Jade Butterfly leaf cutting, choose the plump leaf and try to choose the middle part. In addition to fertilization, it is necessary to apply some basic fertilizer at the time of basin filling(5 gallon pots distributor). During the period of vigorous development, nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer. Pay attention not to apply concentrated fertilizer.

(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers saudi arabia)At the time of potting, you can put some broken tiles on the bottom of the flowerpot to facilitate drainage(seed planting trays wholesale). The potted white cloth chrysanthemum usually does not pick the heart. The propagation method of Jade Butterfly is cutting, including leaf cutting and branch cutting(elfin thyme plug tray). As for sowing, breeding, flower and fruit weaving, we can only say that it is very difficult for families to cultivate, so it is suggested to purchase seedlings indirectly!

The leaves were cleaned and inserted into the soil indirectly after disinfection, but the development time was slow and the survival rate was low(18 cell plug trays supplier). It's better to stick it! Jade butterflies like to live in groups. They can develop many flowers in one basin, so they can cut their heads indirectly for propagation(bulk pots for sale). There are many small heads growing under the grown Jade Butterfly. Water them a few days before cutting to break them off indirectly.

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