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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

Gastrodia is a kind of plant without leaves and roots(128 cell trays bulk). It uses underground tubers as medicine. Indications: hypertension, vertigo, headache, mouth and eyes askew, limb numbness, infantile convulsion (wind), hemiplegia, etc. It is also used for brain health care of pilots and dementia for many years(18 cell seed starting trays). It is an ideal medicine for brain and nerve health care, and the long field of view is fixed. 

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Keep the sandy soil moist, fix the flower stem with the bamboo pole, cover the sunshine, and open one or several flowers every day from bottom to top after the flower bud is formed(72 cell plug trays supplier). Once the ovary cracks, a large number of seeds will be raised. When one fruit cracks, the adjacent 3-5 fruits will be cut off and placed in a dish for natural cracking before seed collection(20 cell seed starting trays). Lift up the bacterial material of the prepared bacterial bed.(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)

In case of lack of pollinating insects (honeybees can also be moved nearby for breeding), artificial pollination shall be carried out(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), the corolla shall be opened with tweezers, the cap of anther shall be removed, the pollen block shall be taken out and placed on the stigma. Pollination should be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m(40 cell seed starting trays). If the pollination is successful, the ovary will expand, the corolla will wither, and the suture of ovary is obvious.

Seeds scattered in the dish shall be sown immediately and shall not be placed(sureroot plug trays bulk). Choose the black sandy loam with humus, which can filter water and keep warm in the mountain or dig cellars in the courtyard. Or when beating soybean, sift out the sundries after the soybean, and the one on the sieve will be broken for use(112 cell trays bulk). Place 3 - 4 pieces of fungus material along the hillside, and the distance between the stick and the stick is 2 - 3cm.

(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)In the broad-leaved leaves with a thickness of about 1cm, the seeds are scattered between the leaves(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Seeds of 10-20 fruits are sown per square meter, a layer of leaves is sown, and the cover is covered. Let it grow strong Gastrodia elata and become high-yield hybrid hemp(288 cell trays bulk). When planting Gastrodia elata, make more bacteria beds, do not get off the bed, and prepare to pick Gastrodia elata for sexual reproduction.

From October to November, when the ground temperature is 5-6 ℃, Armillaria can grow(blow molded nursery pots). But the Gastrodia elata can only sprout at about 10 ℃, and the Gastrodia elata planted in autumn and winter has a long time, which is convenient for the combination of Armillaria mellea and hemp seeds. When Gastrodia elata starts to sprout in the next year, it will be provided with sufficient nutrition(20 cell trays bulk). The depth is 25-30cm, the width is 50-60cm.

When harvesting the taro, the rattan cut inch long shall be dried in the sun, the feed machine shall be broken, and transported to the planting site and the sand soil shall be mixed and prepared(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). The ratio of sawdust to sand soil is 3:1 (volume ratio), leaves (half rotted and broken) and mud sand soil is 4:1, rice husk (or Xanthophyta, konjac) is 2:1 in Gaza, which is covered with a layer of fine sand, covering with dead grass leaves(50 cell seed starter trays).

First, remove 5-6cm deep mixed soil at the bottom of the cellar, and then spread a layer of half rotten broad-leaved leaves (not too thick) to cover the soil(bulk 10 gallon pots). Place 3 - 4 hemp seeds next to the stick in the middle of the two sticks(72 cell seed starter trays). When placing, place 2 hemp seeds at the transverse end of the stick, put the back cover mixed with soil until the stick is flat, and then put a layer of fungus stick and hemp seeds, and fill the gap with soil.(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)

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