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Generally, the soil can adapt, the growth temperature is 15-28 ° C, and the winter temperature is 5 ° C(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Flowering period from May to June, fruiting period from July to August. The well-drained sandy soil is most suitable. Can self-produce and multiply. See the sun blossoming, closed early, late, and cloudy, so there is the name of sloping grass and afternoon flowers. How to safely overwinter the shamrock(15 gallon pots distributor)? The following flowers and grasses Xiaobian share with you the method of breeding sloping grass and the precautions for safely overwintering the sloping grass.

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(plastic cheap large plant pots wholesale suppliers florida)The wintering temperature of Sedum sarmentosum is 5°C, which is not cold-tolerant(plastic nursery pots). In winter, low temperature will freeze the leaves and cause signs such as yellowing and dryness. To make the sloping grass safe for winter, it is necessary to do some wintering protection measures. At this time, the leaves will wither. At this time, the cold water will be poured at one time to make it better for winter. The potted plants can be placed in places with weak indoor light in winter(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). In order to make them sleep better, the supply of water and fertilizer should be controlled. The soil is too wet and easy to rot.

Very easy to cultivate, the environment is not strict(black plastic nursery pots), can be planted in front of the house, although it is well maintained, but in the potted plants at home to avoid poor soil, or there will be signs of growth and weakness, the leaves yellow. Potted cultured soil can be used in pastoral soil, neutral soil or sandy loam soil. It has strong vitality and roots can be rooted. When planted with sloping stalks, the soil must be properly applied with organic fertilizer(bulk half gallon pots), and the pulverized cottonseed cake, sesame sauce or chicken manure can be used.

(plastic cheap large plant pots wholesale suppliers florida)The suitable growth temperature of Sedum sarmentosum is 15 ° C to 28 ° C(wholesale nursery pots). The sloping potted grass avoids the environment of strong light, and the strong light shows the phenomenon of yellowing of the leaves. It should be cured with scattered light and properly shaded in summer. Sedum sarmentosum grows fast, requires a large amount of water, and grows well under certain shade conditions. Keep the soil moist. A compound fertilizer is applied in a small amount every half month during the growth process(14 gallon pots distributor), and the water should be immediately poured after fertilization to prevent the fertilizer from burning the stems or roots.

Very resistant to inferiority(plug trays wholesale), Sedum can be used for seed propagation, branch cutting, ramets propagation and bead propagation, which is very easy to survive. The ramets should be carried out in the early spring, and cuttings can be done at any time. Common pests of Sedum sarmentosum: scale insects; common diseases: gray mold, anthracnose, powdery mildew. Control method: 50% carbendazim WP 800 times solution(gallon planters supplier), 80% sensitized zinc 500 times solution, and 75% chlorothalonil 500 solution can be sprayed alternately.

(plastic cheap large plant pots wholesale suppliers florida)It has strong adaptability. Sedum is the best choice for turfgrass(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It can be used for extensive management of ground cover, slope protection, flower beds, hanging baskets and other urban landscapes. It can be planted in courtyards or indoors. Sedum and sage are very similar, all with yellow flowers, which is easy to confuse. The only way to distinguish them is to look at the leaves. The leaves are wide and flat(7 gallon pots distributor). The leaves of the Buddha's grass are narrow and round and round.

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